BIOMES: Request for creative ideas!


We also need to keep in mind that each biome will need its own ecosystem, animals and plants, with drops that can be acquired from them.

I am interested in designing a ‘Skull Island’ type biome, medium sized landmasses composed of jagged beaches, deep chasms, mountains and ruins surrounded by dangerous oceans with razor reefs and fog. I’m not sure how large the NPC models can be, but I want to design some nightmarish critters regardless of size.


I don’t think that will be possible without modding though…
All the creatures will be handmade by the devs (no creature editor afaik)


Hmm, that’s unfortunate. I have extensive knowledge of biology, anatomy and behavior.


Well they is maybe going to be some ediatable options for the players but it is in no way going to be spore or anything, we can probably change their color. Don’t really know how much more is possible.


What about consultation?


Post your ideas here :wink:

Also, if you have not seen this thread, you may like it.


Thank you I will when I get home


I found this in a BOOK :heart_eyes_cat: :punch:




Hehe - nop.


I like the idea of Zhangjiajie being a biom



Trees that size would be an engineering marvel

I like the giant tree world

Kashykk, or the Hork Bajir home world for example


That Looks Awesome! Would also love to live in a place like that.A bioluminescence Enchanted forest kind of biome :open_mouth:


I Magic system would be Epic with a Theme like this :smiley:


some biome Ideas~
like a slimy swamp biome

or an ocean with a ceiling above it like the whole world is a cave (do not know how you would pull this off)

with some light source on the ceiling to show how tall the ceiling is.


i really like biome with spiky long hills, hills that are not suitable for buildings on top, they are just to make the world look beautiful and the snowy land makes it look like its in other planet than earth.


Is that from space engine?


So like Mann’s planet from Interstellar? (not the ice bit, just how it looks in terms of the sky being solid)


As a side note, the Momentum extension for chrome has daily pictures which are inspirational for this type of thing.

Disc World (Terry Pratchet Pun)

Instead of world wrapping, allow players to fall off of the edge. A joke world maybe :stuck_out_tongue:


no idea, found it from google :smiley: