BIOMES: Request for creative ideas!


Hey Everyone.

I’m currently working on building a library of biomes for the next significant world update. (More details about this in the coming dev update post.)

This post is a request for everyone in the community to contribute creative biome ideas.

At the moment I’m only interested in the ideas rather than actually crafted biomes in the World Builder (which will come later).

Below are 2 additional posts that I’ve flagged as Wiki posts:

  1. The first post is for “Real world or Earth like biomes”. Biomes that we can take inspiration from the real world to create.
  2. The second post is for “Imaginary or Unbelievable Made up biomes”. Biomes that we can only dream of in the real world.

Please be super creative. But be careful not to delete anyone else’s ideas when you’re editing with wiki posts.


Q: Why aren’t we sharing our biome ideas?
A: We want to make sure that ultimately the biomes are a surprise when you discover them in game. So this is a request for ideas that we can fold into the future worlds in the game.

Q: Can we share cool concepts images that we create or find online?
A: Yes. Please post to the thread any additional concepts to help support your biome proposal.

Any other questions that can help guide the submissions? If so, I’ll update the post.


Who has Ideas for new flora and fauna?
What kind of new Blocks, would you like to see?
Weekly Dev Update: 2016 April 15th - C++, Regen, Machines, Creatures, GUI + more
Old artwork of mine

[Wiki post - please be careful when editing to not remove any other contributions.]

Real world or Earth like biomes:

Name: Volcanic Lands
Description: An area with hard rock all around and massive rivers of lava flowing through the biome.

Name: Zhangjiajie (From Sikerow and Clex)
Description: Area in China with tall, slender pillars of rock reaching towards the heavens

Name: Redwoods (From Clex)
Description: Massive, thick, tall trees with reddish bark (color can, obviously, be changed)

Name: Fjord (From Clex)
Description: Sea inlet between high mountains.

Name: Ancient Ruins
Description: Very defined/sharp and angular edges/jumps that suggest the ruins of a civilization.

Name: Canyon
Description: A river/path at a very low altitude that is surrounded by steep cliffs.

Name: Sulfuric Springs
Description: Small springs that are partially hidden under dense fog.

Similar Landscape in Skyrim:

Name: Plateau
Description: High altitude flatland in an otherwise low altitude flatland.

Name: Basalt Columns
Description: Large, rocky columns made of basalt, stone, or some other rocky material.

Name: Icy tundra.
Description: snow covered rocks, minimal amount of trees and bushes with a few animals around. But with many small underground tunnels and clear lakes.

Name: Paradise Isles.
Description: hugh amount of Isles with carrebean / prehistoric landscape, tropical plants and paradise birds.

Name: Smooth green hills
Description: lot’s of hils with small - average trees, wide fields.

Name: plateu isles
Description: big amount of thailandish looking plateu isles

Name: mountain side with rivers and lakes
Description: mountain side with many rivers and clear lakes. Some woods and big caves inside the mountais with lots of gold and silver in their bodies.

Name: Swampland
Description: swampy with aquatic critters, bugs, and rich in rare flora rescorses as well as large amounts of peaty soil.


[Wiki post - please be careful when editing to not remove any other contributions.]

Imaginary or Unbelievable Made up biomes:

Name: Blossom valley
Description: like the name suggests a valley with hot springs and waterfalls surounded by cherry trees ^^ kinda like this

Name: Dead Lands
Description: A biome where everything is dark, the trees are dying and it is almost exclusively inhabited by Dark/Ghastly creatures

Name: Technology Biome
Description: A biome so tainted with Oort energy that earth itself has gotten a translucent shine

Name: Glowing Sea
Description: A hazy wasteland, sorta like the glowing sea from Fallout 4.

Name: (Fantasy) Ancient Ruins
Description: Like the ancient ruins described in the real-world biomes section, but with more fantastical structures.

Name: Forsaken Lands
Description: Pointy and slanted mountains. Mostly rock& granite on the surface, very little dirt. Almost no vegetation.

Name: Fragmented Lands
Description: A land used by the Oort for deadly weapon experimentation, now fragmented into loosely tied pieces. The creatures here have strange adaptations for the land, and fragments of the experiments still lie in wait for people to find and use.

Name: Fungi Forest / Giant Growth Forest
Description: Other worldly Giant Fungi with unusual / unique resources from both fora and fauna

Name: Name here.
Description: Describe the biome here.


The collection of ideas from the community is a good idea.
But for the ones who would like to participate, but maybe have a problem with the wording, maybe explain in an understandable way, what exactly is a biome.
I also just have a general idea of what is a biome. Is a biome just a mix of colours with certain shapes? Or is it a discription with all it’s vegetation, animals, caves inside?

Is for example this picture, enough information for a appropriate biome?:

Maybe create an example biome in both categories.


real world
name crystal cave
description its a cave filled wiht all kinda minerals and it will be huge so yu can live there

real world
name Zhangjiajie
description it is huge pillars of lush forest and stone may find oort stone in them


James post is a wiki post. You’re supposed to add you idea to that post ^^ not make a new post



Cool biomes! BTW, look at @Predatoxic’s comment above you.


Name: Ancient Fortress Biome
Description: A Biome consisting of destroyed castle parts everywhere, with a lot of brick and other processed materials in the surface, as well as sparsely spread trees and green growing up from the cracks. The underground would have fewer rare materials, but the surface would be rich with building materials, and the occasional valuable ore/gem hidden just below the surface.


You can edit the wiki post, just add your idea there :innocent:


If you want ideas by all users… Oh, hi all! :smiley:

Fantasy World

Name: Flooded Forest
Description: Massive flooded forest with very huge trees and small tropics. This biome have more water, than ground. In some places you can found deep underwater holes, that goes to Center of The World, or on very deep level of undergrounds. (Race of water lizards, that can live in underwater? =p)


@James post is a wiki post ^^ please add your ideas to that post and don’t make a new one :slight_smile:


Maybe it’s ok if people respond with their own posts - it allows people to Like them.

Originally idea was the try and get a list - but searching through all the posts is just as easy.


I love terraced landscapes. Godus made a good effort making them interactive ona touchscreen.
Especially I like the curvy shapes. I believe it could be done with the world builder, from what I have seen so far here in the forum.

One more thing: I heard the call for colourful water. This could be an idea how to mix up blue water with suitable surrounding landmass colour:


Name: Sky World
Description: The oort were masters of harnessing mystical energy, after the end of the oort race the energy dispersed and the world stabilised this energy by creating these floating masses of land.


Name: Hues of Green (Devon + Dorset + La Palma + Gui LIn)
Description: Placeholder


Fun fact about the hot spring in the last pic- the water itself is crystal clear- it’s colorful bacteria colonies that thrive in various scalding temperatures that contribute to the vibrant blues, golds and browns.

Also, swimming in that water would cause quick, excruciatingly painful death, leaving nothing but skeleton in moments.


Eerie Falls

Large and long mountain chain on one side giving birth to multiple, small and intricate streams going through the area, finally falling off into the sea, producing loads of steam in the process.
Randomly throw in some dead trees and shatter the earth.

The idea is to feel pressured between the impassable mountains on one side, and the cliff on the other side

Shattered Plains

Endless plateaux, shattered by depth, small canyons. If you fall and are lucky, you will only find yourself 10 meters under the surface. But some canyons are reputed deeper than Hell…
You can’t find any shelter on the surface during stormy nights, but don’t think about hiding in the canyons. The wind and the rain create liquid hurricanes capable to drown you or smash you into piece.

Serious bridge-making skills are required, as distances between 2 plateau range from 5 to 25 meters. Perfect biome for some tactical PvP
Concept from Brandon Sanderson’s Way Of Kings. Great book, btw


We definitely need a true sky world biome. The floating islands in the game currently just don’t cut it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Apologies for the super-sized post! Here goes…


Chocolate Hills, Philippines

“Door to Hell” , Turkmenistan

Pinnacle Desert, Australia

Stone Forest, China

Antelope Canyon-Arizona, U.S.

Socotra, Yemen

White Desert, Egypt

Sky islands (mentioned already I know but this image looked very boundlessy to me!)

Giant Ice Shards

Giant Water Fruit