BIOMES: Request for creative ideas!


Integral Trees

From Larry Niven’s books…very cool no land at all only vast floating trees!


I think those are crystals not ice


They were ice shards in my dream :smirk:


this would be really fun to explore and it would look amazing


Cube Plains:
A flat biome with several cubic rock formations in various sizes scattered around.


Glowing forest! where all the plants have bioluminescence


Ocean biomes:

A wolrd has oceans! Its not very creative but i think adding ocean-like biomes can add alot of content to the game. It could vary from beatiful shallow coral-reefs to very deep dark oceans with mythical creatures, and hidden treasures or rare loot. This also opens the opporunity to add items for under-water breathing or under-water lighting. Also some kind of deep-ocean ores, subarines and boats could be added!

Coral reef:

A very colored, shalow, under-water biome whith a wide variety of creatures, maybe even walking corals :smiley:

Dark ocean:

A very dark and dangerous place, god knows what you could enounter here :scream:

This could be a stand alone biome, full of so-called “black smokers”, but it would fit perfectly in the dark ocean biome.

Arctic biomes

Again not very creative, but again a very interesting concept i think.

Frozen plains:

A frozen, cold, misty, vast, flat biome, whith abandoned structures or castles scattered around the landscape. The entire biome is surrounded by mountains making is pretty hard to access. Only a handful creatures live here. At night theres a beatiful spectacle of nordic light, which maybe used for some magic stuff? Would be cool :smiley:
This picture gave me the idea:


A HUGE floating mountain of ice even bigger under water, very rarely found in oceans carrying valuable resources. U can also build your house on it :laughing:

Mist mountain:

A big snowy mountain whith its peak hidden in the clouds, with at the top “ice temples”.

So thats about it :smiley: I hope i gave u some more inspiration. Keep it up!


I have been using ages upon ages working on making this, it is basically my goal to perfect this every time I open the world builder :slight_smile:

Actually where i got the idea :slight_smile:


I like all of these except for the stone forest. That would be an absolutely terrible biome to play in, and would only really look good when viewed from above. While inside, a stone forest is claustriphobic and evil.


I would really like those water biomes


Supersized biomes, could be any biome just a lot larger.


As the sadist I am, I’d say that makes this biom perfect^^


That’s the biome where I’d put some of the most valuable resources in the game then! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I really like the landscapes in the Heroes 3 game + their epic soundstrack. Here are some of the hometown of different factions (The most unique but I seriously love all of them) :








Okay. I agree that some of them are not that unique but are still cool :smiley:


I think that we should definitely use a different system for these types of discussions though in the future. To make it more concise and all-in-one-place.


Whatever floats your goat…


Khorne would be pleased.


the flying mountains from avatar

And ruins from a oortian city


I was thinking of something like this myself. I was thinking of the scene where they were climbing up to the Ikran roost. Larger, more elaborate islands you have to get to via smaller, orbiting bits.


I love this one, I love AVATAR, I would love I would play this type of biome forever and also there is a lot of space for a Titan