BIOMES: Request for creative ideas!


Ok spam wall number 2 from me …

Closely grouped rounded lakes

Eroded top-heavy land masses

More erosion, this time on land…

Plateaus (mentioned previously - I liked the idea of having several of them in close proximity and varying heights etc. (and sorry I know this image has a bit of a WoW vibe going on!))

Eroded sandstone

Swampy landscapes with fungal growths (and maybe some nice luminescent plant life!)


Name: Floating Islands Archipelago
Description: a sea or stretch of water containing many floating islands.Too lazy to find a proper image to convey the idea so just imagine a bunch of floating islands. How high each island is would vary greatly. And now imagine a big blue sea or ocean right underneath all of that.


Be sure to provide a picture to exemplify the biome :smile:


The image is really not that necesary, often a text describtion is enough.


you mean something like this?


Yeah that’s getting very close to what I was thinking about! Just need to flatten down the tops a little if possible.

I really must find the time to sit down and play with the world builder :smiley:


lol not really sure how to do that lol


It is freakishly hard to do right, but sum noise and remap with clamp is very important tools.


I would like to cast my vote in behind flying/floating islands
they are the BEST


Kinda like this?


Yeah that looks awesome! Any chance you can send me the world file or pm me if you prefer?


Sadly I can’t :frowning: this is an old world I did a really long time ago :confused: The download doesn’t work for some reason so there’s no way for me to get it back.
(except if someone still has the world)


bummer - I’m going to have to have a play with the world builder I think… see what I can come up with that comes close to to what you had (if I can!) as it looks really good


Hmm, I see all this ideas and concepts and just can say “Well done!” :smiley: :thumbsup: … for my personal preferences, there are just 4 wishes from my side:

  1. Flying Isles made of rock and may be covered by vegetation, but I don’t need to post a pic of them, cuz there were some real nice ones already :wink:

  2. Caves … large dark and majestic caves! … may be also with rivers and own fora and fauna in there, but not only small mushrooms or similar ^^ …

  3. Some nice dark worlds, which sem just somehow normal but corrupted … may be even a bit creepy by colors … Think of this image and make it a bit more grey or darker in mind :wink:

  4. Some nice surreal color scemes, like white grass under a red sun in bleak white skies or somehow other real surreal worlds …


I think it would be really cool to have as much diversity underground as aboveground.

Crystal caverns with rivers running through:

Caverns with glowing moss and rivers:

Ancient forests (with fallen trees and maybe forest ruins):


Dangerous biomes such as:
Large flourished forests like that of felucia from star wars, but with acid pools and giesers. Weather elements could of course be acid rain:

Or gaseous plains, with pungent gas emitting plants:


I would really like to see large, dark forests with huge trees. The relatively large biome would be home to several dark predators. :open_mouth:


Would be cool having a mix of the two of them, a large underground world with some normal with many entrances being connected betwwen routes and caves. I mean, no holes, just stairs going under the ground with bioluminiscent cristals of many type colours, some parts of it without light and having some holes in the ground that the light can get through. something like this.


How about one that is like Mann from Interstellar? There is no bottom to it it just keeps going down (but not underground) know what I mean? :sweat_smile:


I really would like to see rivers flowing down a mountain to lakes! And maybe we can use the force of water somehow?