BIOMES: Request for creative ideas!


You mean a circular world?

Can we mess up that much with gravity? :stuck_out_tongue:


How about land of geysers? :wink:


The cave biome!

This is biome full of spiders, spiders eggs and spider web… also i’d like to see there something that designates previous guests…liiiike… broken items or maybe dead corpse in web…


I love the idea of cave biomes but how would they be incorporated into B< where worlds mostly consists of “surface biomes”?
One cool way to make such a “Spider cave hive biome” would be to put it into a “hollow” mountain like a Termite Mound:


All the Pictures! They are M-a-g-n-i-f-i-c-e-n-t


I love this interaction between the community and the devs, it just is great to see people shoot their unique ideas for this game. I myself, have been planning on getting the world builder, and have come up with several worlds I would love to see.

Reclamation Lands: These are worlds with many deterioration unnatural structures. They range from rotting cities, or unnaturally shaped landmarks. Nature can play a part on them, making them prone to sudden collapses and dead ends. They can also be a home to a cast of spooky gremlins and monsters.

Glowing Jungle: These ancient worlds are home to wonders displays of bio-luminescence, in both the plants and animals. The flora and fauna blink, flash and can even disorient would be attackers with their displays. Being a jungle, however, their is still a steady supply of enemies under the canopy.

Oortian Worlds: (this is a revision on my part of the technology biomes suggested above) The Oortian’s Empire linked together hundreds of worlds, spanning the void of space the the Portals. Leftover from their age, are the Observers. They were created to keep particular worlds cleansed of invasive flora and fauna. However, many of these Observers’ worlds have become corrupted, turing the world into a stormy wasteland.

Pure Oortian World:

Corrupt Oortian World:

Thats it for now. Feel free to give some feed back if you enjoyed!


Cool ideas. Really like the Oort-style biomes :grinning:


+1 to this and @Jenndragonfly’s idea of bioluminescent forests. I’d never leave that biome if it found it’s way to Boundless.


Poke around inside a mountain on Kovah :slight_smile:


I already do. One of my favorite places currently in the game!


What’s to say a portal can’t take you to a world that is barren and flat on the surface… but dig down some and find crazy living underground biomes… or just normal underground biomes!


I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before, and I believe you all might already have a clear picture of this idea. What if floating landmasses actually follow a track. Not static rock formations that are glued to fix positions in the sky, but rather smaller (or even huge), migrating, flying continents. I haven’t truly insight in how powerful the Turbulenz engine is nor am I really familiar with the world builder. I wonder how complicated it is to implement continent tracks into this tool.
This would be an idea. Continental shifts could be interesting and result into further, rather unpleasant results . Earthquakes would be the most obvious. Or the uprising of mountain ranges. A hasty idea of mine and not well thought out. But it almost would be sth. new for me in a game.


I know a proverb:

In the tundra mushrooms are bigger than trees

Just think about it :oort_start::oort_c::oort_apost:


How about each world has caves and caverns under them, and you can find giant glowing mushroom forests and caverns with glowing ceilings and thick forests.


One problem if each world had that what would be the fun wiht that


Well, each Minecraft world has abandoned mines, and it’s still fun/exciting whenever you find one.

I’m guessing that the same principle would apply


Though it would be prefarable to have wildly different worlds @nevir has a very good point.



creepy swamp


! That jogs me.

It would be awesome to be able to specify visual effects per biome. I.e. post processing hue/saturation/lightness, fog, etc. Ideally different settings for above & below ground