BIOMES: Request for creative ideas!


That would be crazy cool


How bout a barren zone completely void of life except the occasional gnarled shrub and its all gray. It would be boring until you dug underneath where there are massive caves with lakes inside and an abundance of creatures that are blind/nocturnal. Maybe even make the barrens extremely hostile at night as the nocturnal creatures crawl out in massive swarms and eat anything that isn’t themselves. Kinda like pitch black just less desert more stone and acid pits. Oh and mountains, make it hard to get in/out of but this challenge plus the creatures allows for the some of the rarest loot. Maybe even have an Oort research facility in the middle that is full of protectors and other automatons that are friendly and try to guide you to do experiments. This would house most of the loot not in the caves id say. In fact throw in some lore bits in there like maybe some logs that can be decrypted and translated that tell you about the fall of the Oort that started here.


If you posses a copy of Minecraft I´d definitely recommend you to check out the Biomes O´ Plenty mod.
An astounding mod that creates breathtaking biomes like Fens or Badlands.
A list of all introduced biomes can be read here.


Agree! I can’t handle playing Minecraft without that mod

Crystal/Gem Torch - Think about it Devs!

was about posting this but already in lol this has to be in every sandbox game xD


the oortian worlds i think its one of the coolest till now. maybe it could rare/hard to find/go to them


Biomes O’ Plenty is a really good place to look for inspiration in biome ideas.

@james , I reccomend you check it out :wink:


You should also check out higelands from minecraft or advent of ascension they have some really awesome stuff


hehe sky world looks like Lemde! Near elitefenix’s beacon!


Did you see that? It’s beautiful!
Landmannalaugar, rhyolite mountains of Iceland. by Gornostaj


We also need to keep in mind that each biome will need its own ecosystem, animals and plants, with drops that can be acquired from them.

I am interested in designing a ‘Skull Island’ type biome, medium sized landmasses composed of jagged beaches, deep chasms, mountains and ruins surrounded by dangerous oceans with razor reefs and fog. I’m not sure how large the NPC models can be, but I want to design some nightmarish critters regardless of size.


I don’t think that will be possible without modding though…
All the creatures will be handmade by the devs (no creature editor afaik)


Hmm, that’s unfortunate. I have extensive knowledge of biology, anatomy and behavior.


Well they is maybe going to be some ediatable options for the players but it is in no way going to be spore or anything, we can probably change their color. Don’t really know how much more is possible.


What about consultation?


Post your ideas here :wink:

Also, if you have not seen this thread, you may like it.


Thank you I will when I get home


I found this in a BOOK :heart_eyes_cat: :punch:




Hehe - nop.