BIOMES: Request for creative ideas!


I like the idea of Zhangjiajie being a biom



Trees that size would be an engineering marvel

I like the giant tree world

Kashykk, or the Hork Bajir home world for example


That Looks Awesome! Would also love to live in a place like that.A bioluminescence Enchanted forest kind of biome :open_mouth:


I Magic system would be Epic with a Theme like this :smiley:


some biome Ideas~
like a slimy swamp biome

or an ocean with a ceiling above it like the whole world is a cave (do not know how you would pull this off)

with some light source on the ceiling to show how tall the ceiling is.


i really like biome with spiky long hills, hills that are not suitable for buildings on top, they are just to make the world look beautiful and the snowy land makes it look like its in other planet than earth.


Is that from space engine?


So like Mann’s planet from Interstellar? (not the ice bit, just how it looks in terms of the sky being solid)


As a side note, the Momentum extension for chrome has daily pictures which are inspirational for this type of thing.

Disc World (Terry Pratchet Pun)

Instead of world wrapping, allow players to fall off of the edge. A joke world maybe :stuck_out_tongue:


no idea, found it from google :smiley:


yup, that’s it :slight_smile:


found this image. This looks like it would work with boundless quite well


I honestly think the coolest concept for a world that you guys could come up with would be the Oort homeworld. Imagine a massive derelict city with a seemingly endless supply of Oort and other rare materials. However, it would be flooded with titans and protectors and because of that would be void of life. An added bonus would be audio logs or some kind of message that the community could decipher to understand the last days of the Oort


Looks really cool and can imagine boundless to be just like that! But, only thing i don’t like is a “flying” pile of junk/land in sky and not moving at all. Looks so unnatural, messy and would imagine all the nerd poles going up there. I would personally avoid that or make it work differently :smile:


ya i could see that, but at the same time it could work (I think the point is the land is moving just the picture can’t show it.). We could even fit it into the lore (have you noticed i’m a lore freak yet?). A fragmented world created by experimentation by the Oort. It could be very difficult to live on since everything is so spread out and there could be some very unique items and creatures for the area that would have evolved to live on this fractured world and the items could be what the Oort were originally after. Either way it’s just a suggestion and i know the developers will truly decide what goes in the game and what doesn’t so we’ll see.


ill agree, i would be totally in love if there would be some slight movement on blocks that are in the sky, or anywhere. since the Oortians live in a totally different universe, gravity would work differently and make the land pieces to hover around. but we’ll see.


Zendikar is a world of incomparable natural beauty and danger.

I’m not a huge admirer of MtG, but Zendikar is awesome

UPD: I looked for arts by Cliff Childs, and founded this desert:


Zendikar has some of the best forests i’ve seen in Mtg, it has a lot of floating islands and giant trees (some of which grow in and on temples).


Oooh, I like it. I think MTG lands in general are great sources of inspiration.


Thats it I am making a black/blue multicolor land inspired biome. SWAMPS AND SEWERS, DEATH BY WATER.