BIOMES: Request for creative ideas!


This one’s actually from the cover of the book Endymion by Dan Simmons, which is quite funny because that’s also my name :smile:

Zangarmarsh, no need to explain this one I hope:

Iceland, where trolls live. The green mossy landscape (hard to walk):

Noise Ghosting

Take it!


Landmannalaugar, Iceland again!

and China too


There are from the avatar, Giant trees that people can have a whole village or town inside

I would love to see a biome like this. Also, I would like to see many of these biomes, and have some placed one planet and some placed on others. It makes to worlds interesting.


yes we need giant trees!! someone make a prefab :wink:


When I get off work, I’ll try out world builder and see what I can do


Real Biome: Painted mountains

Areas rich in exposed minerals that create a vast display of colors.

Real Biome: Bioluminescant forest

Dense tropical forests where flora and fungi luminesce at night.

Potentially Real Biome: Red Dwarf planet

A planet that orbits a sun where the light reaching the planet is minimal. As a result plants have evolved to be black or darker in order to absorb all spectrums of available light.

Imaginary Biome: Home Trees

Think the James Cameron Avatar movie. Please.


Incredible screens! So much beauty, i hope to see some this nature ingame :slight_smile:


I LOVED that river road!


Totally agree! And generally- Rivers! yo.


what game is this


Mushroom lands. Giant mushrooms and lots of different mushrooms.


How about cherry tree forest lands?

Dark, poisonous creatures could be found here!


I didn’t see any suggestions for mushroom forests. My username demands mushroom forests :grin:


New photo for inspiration.

Torres del Paine by Colin Monteath


@Okkelinor your photo i broken here :confused: hmm


Here’s what I think the original photo was (or similar to):


What about a maze like biome?


@sikerow made this awesome biome. I do hope to see something like this in game!


Atlantis would look awesome.