BIOMES: Request for creative ideas!


I’m pretty sure it must be here:


I would love to see a biome that’s a village. Made of clay blocks, just shaped as an adobe village. It’d add to the “there were people here before” vibe.



Right… now how to execute that in the wb?


Might be feasible within large caves; but still cheating


great pictures! is it possible to get them as a poster anywhere??? I am looking for posters like this since ages and it would be so great, if you could help me find them!


I would like to see Mountain lakes, water at higher levels of elevation, also trees with mixed leaf colors as in Autumn color combinations


Rub’ al Khali desert


Olives groves


Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA

Source and a lot of other photos


Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA


I’m pretty excited this topic got bumped, these have been my favorite biome types out of all the game titles I’ve played

  1. unbelievable/imaginary rock formations/shapes around incredibly lush grasslands and lakes.

    notes: Xenoblade ChronX might make another showing in this post. I’ve spent hours of free time just walking around on this continent. the drastic differences in elevation makes all the difference in the world.

  2. by day, lush, overgrown forest with some dramatic looking flora/fauna. By night, this:

    note: ha, second one i thought of, still xenoblade…but tree prefabs (treefabs?) could make this kind of forest a reality, with a focus on large trees bunched together. (also, maybe gleamtrees? :))


i would love to see @Arkefyre image 1 (post above me) in game but also maybe the devs (on full release) because they will have to do a full wipe???

Maybe we could vote on our favorite builds in the game/towns etc and see them as buried ruins in full release? (i know the idea is to have everything (buildings) player created but they would have been :slight_smile:

kind like exploring an ancient civilization that has come before etc


If you will buy :boundless: Collector’s Edition, then you will can make any 16×16 ruins at your choice. Let’s try it! :wink:

Look here for additional information


Did anybody try to make new prefabs with new chisels? :wink:


I’ve been wanting to do something like this, only have not had the ability to produce the level of detail that the new chisels wil.


edit: having layered fog in the game would be neat for those atmospheric biomes! (also might double as a good way to make cave biomes more foreboding - w/ black “fog”)


I’m happy to see a piece of my hometown on here. lol


Yes! I love the Home Trees idea. I actually just started a settlement on Elopor that’s similar in concept. I found a grove of trees that I’ve been building up and using as homes. : )


The dead city, like earth est. 200 years without people skyscrapers over grown with vegetation.


Large bodies of water and oceans, large enough that boats or submarines are a sensible means of exploring them.