BIOMES: Request for creative ideas!


So this would be fun. More biomes that would make for a good **** trip.


i am a big fan of the maze biomes. i hope they make a few diforant kinds.
a maze cave biome would be sweet.


I would like to convey just color pallets.


so i guess soft.


@Tobelawe built several maze biomes in his big biome overhaul - we might see some in game in the (near?) future :slight_smile:




Snow Biomesnow 1

snow 5


Jan-Mayen island


Nevado Sajama, Bolivia



I’d love to see a bubble biome at some point. Either one that is primarily solid rock, with large “bubbles” of empty space carved into them (enough for a few trees or a small lake) with the bubbles not being limited to above sea-level. If there are some connecting paths between bubbles then sweet, if not, still good enough.

Alternatively the exact opposite, mostly void down to lava but with “bubbles” of solid landmass dispersed randomly from the Base up. Again - if they link up or bridge it would be great, if they don’t we’d just grapple around them.

(sorry no pics)

Best approximate explanation - imagine the asteroid belt as a biome. Separate spheres (quite large, up to ?10x10 plots) floating, not necessary touching the ground/lava, floating in the sky.

Then also the exact opposite, solid rock with interspersed cavities large enough to hold trees and lakes / features.

In both, bridging optional / if able.


kinda like…


that would be interesting… watch your step when mining!



Exactly that! But the inverse too, would love a tree-in-a-bubble with just a drop of sunlight through the roof to build under


Kinda like this too?

It’s a beautiful biome :joy:

Oh, btw, this biome isn’t mine, its one of the ones the devs made (its on the GitHub, I take no credit!!)


this would be cool if all the orbs had their own gravity as you walked around them constantly changing your viewpoint of what up and down was based on a center gravity block. Would be cool to mine that block too and put it on other planets to be upside down walking around.


Flat earth with no tree’s on top, and tree’s that hold up the earth down below!
With light leaking into the bottom like the picture down below.


Do you think solid rock is cool or would you like to see some other blocks used? Perhaps a forest or desert on top?


Something like Utapau City, but instead of the city, lots of trees and plants:

And of course, underground forests!!!


Well, I am always all for variation! I think it would be nice to have some sort of surface at the top as opposed to it being solid rock, forests would be pretty cool, but equally so would a desert…
So, my annoyingly unhelpful answer is… yes, something on top would be cool :stuck_out_tongue: