Montibus [Competition World]

Here’s my World for the competition!
Theme: Flat hills

Some screenshots:

and finally some screenshots of the whole world

I hope you guys like it ^-^

Download the world here:
Montibus_competition -Predatoxic.js (48.2 KB)
Or here (dropbox)


I have to download this World! These lakes inside the Mountains are awesome ^^ I need to know how you did that :smiley: I want to make Vulcans and with that file its easier to learn ^^

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The lakes inside the mountains are part of the cliff biome :slight_smile: I don’t even know how I did that to be serious ^^

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I see myself building in this world it is lovely

I’m glad to hear that :slight_smile:
(and if you enjoy it a like would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: )

Can you please upload it somewhere else and put the link in here? I cant download it directly I did upload my on MEGA ^^

would dropbox work for you?

Sure, If I can download it without creating an account

should work now