Art: Ground Basher in game model

Alright, alright, I can dig it!

Jurassic Park 1. The spoon is added in via after effects.

Oh, I see you fam. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I definitely like the scale of it, there should be a decent amount of monsters that are bigger than the player. It’s weird to walk into an area and only fight ankle biters.


@gerryjacobs,how is the development of this mighty creature going?
Did you end up,making him smaller after all?

Hello G_Sage,

So at the moment, the coders are all ‘hands on deck’ on a crucial development task that we could have only done in the quiet spell over xmas and the start of the new year. We may get one or a few of those guys back for creature work in Feb onwards as far as I understand but for just now, we artists/animators are creating a bunch of art work that doesn’t require so much support for the next few weeks. (In other recent devlog posts: Claudio is doing some concepts for our other creatures, Jess is modelling new blocks, Miniya - concepting machines, Jim - first person character animations (lance), Me - 3rd person character animations (emotes). :smile:

The ground basher does look immensely awesome however and is currently in the wings waiting for more ai behaviour to be attached. So far, he looks right scaled up to x3 his size which is appropriate to his animations and actions so I really hope we can make that work.
Last ‘show and tell’, our coder Chris showed us the ‘ground bashing’ effect where he destroys the ground in front of him… that looked soooooooooooooo cool and I’m so sorry you can only take my word for that for now. We’d love you guys to get a hold of more things to do in-game and I can’t tell you how excited I would be to release the road runner and basher into the gaming wild as soon as it is possible.

We are however a tiny team for what we are trying to do and at the moment the core engineering work is so very important. The general thought was that if we can put in all the resources it’ll get done quickly and painlessly… a bit like a band aid. In any case, I hope this was a good enough answer - and at least better than: ‘well but currently paused and not at the moment’! :slight_smile:


This is definitely secret language for “We are making Robot Rainbow Unicorn mounts!”


You seem to have a good overview of things. I was under the impression the core stuff was mostly implemented.
Do you have an estimate on how much of the core stuff (which we players mostly don see right?) Is already finished, on the last meters and far from finished?
No details needed btw. Just some numbers^^

Oh uhm, numbers and estimates really isn’t my area (I live in the art world) but James and Ben usually are pretty good with updating everyone with release notes and the general ongoings of the planning and higher level development.

I wish we were making ‘robot rainbow unicorn mounts’ but alas I guess it’s no big secret - the core work created thus far was mainly PC only till now… where now we’re ‘working online across PC and PS4’ and so our art/animations need to work for both platforms.


Its head reminds me of groot.

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I wonder what will drop after his death.

is that a titan or statue, if it is a statue that is impressive

I understand people skim when reading these older posts, but if I may direct your attention to the title and first sentence of the of this post…

…you will see that this is the ground-basher creature early in its development.


Can we still get this guy? Make a great bodyguard!


I want to hug this big boy.

Creatures! Creatures! Creatures!

How sweet it would be to have these beasts in game.

Found this picture on google.


Please insert it. We urgently need new monsters.


necro this