Art: Flying creature (fast flyer)

Hi guys, here some of the creatures i’m working on.
This is the “Fast flyer”. I’m going to show you “Block Parasite” and “Large Livestock” next.
So, as usual, pick your favourite and stay tuned :smiley:

Fast Flyer


To be honest I don’t really like any of them,they all seem to be a little to angular. I think for this particular creature concept,something simple would do the trick. But if I had to choose,#12 is my favorite because it’s nice and simple but still interesting.

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Thank you for your feedback G-Sage.
About the angularity, just a reminder: Those sketches are exploration ideas that are going to suggest gameplay, movement, and feels for our next creature meeting brainstorming.
The selected ideas are going to get a facelift pass where i’m going to incorporate the boundless look to them. (like the cuttletrunk —> Art: Fish concept and Cuttletrunk )
So, be aware that some angularity and thickness will change.


Awesome I rly like #4 as it seems to fit the bill nicely. #15 is cool but id see that more as a large entity thats hostile rather than a quick flier

Just shub em all in to the game


So are the fast flyers aggrassive passive or semi deffensive creatures?

6, for really fast ones, that dive from high altitudes, or fast just above ground with a warning sound before the hit you…
14, So nice sweeping lines.
12, In big flocks, flying in patterns.
15, As a really big slow one, living in thunderclouds.

if 9 would be a giant flying wale, where you can hook up on from the outside to enter the living inside like a dungeon. That would be so cool o.o


cool ones, hope they don’t fly too fast xD

I like #11, #12 and #15.

#11 and #12 look really fast and dangerous (like they would hunt you) while #15 looks more like a “sneaky” and fast creature that avoids combat. @claudiotolomei good job.

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14 Is my fave by faaar! One thing I’d change about it is the flying direction - right now it seem to float lengthwise. How about if it would float orthogonal to the current direction? A stripy creature which almost only consists of a coherent wing.
Then it would be a slow flyer - sailing majestically across the sky.

I really like 12 & 15​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


is #14 multiple creatures linking together to fly?

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Would love that, and if they break up the chain to attack separate…


Great job as usual Dev’s! I will agree however, that some of these designs are a little angular, but i understand that is is just an ideas preview. 6 has a good thing going for it, in that the idea of a large flock/swarm of small, simple creatures that can dart and swoop over the players head is a good idea! And I will add that I do actually like the flat ribbon idea of of 14, and they kind of remind me of flying sting rays. All and all, great work! Keep it up!

How fast is fast? If they really fast the have to be slimed for drag…

Many of them remind me of different kinds of kites. I like them all!


I´m really curious if you will continue the tradition of giving flying enemies a super annoying Ai :smile: