Art: Flying creature (fast flyer)


Some look quite cool … I especially like the 4th and 15th. Number 10, the nasty one looks quite … äääähm … historical nasty ^^


I love 4 and 5 :smiley:


Again it is really no fair Hitler stole half the cool symbols using awesome forms.


In many games the most annoying enemies are the ones that fly. (Farcry->Eagles, Morrowind->Cliff Racers,Borderlands->Rakks and the worst: Pokemon->Zubats :smile: )


Annoying in general doesn’t necessarily mean annoying AI. Flying enemies in WoW, ESO, GW2, etc. have perfectly fine AI, even if they literally fly and aren’t just flying-type enemies.


Nice artwork as always @claudiotolomei. I’ll add this to the Devlog collection


They remind me of sea creatures.

But imagine how cool it would be if the skies of boundless were filled with flying creatures that were like fish and whales and things like that. Massive schools of fish going past etc etc etc


9, 4, 15. interesting…


Anyone else see that 9 looks like an enlarged variation of 4? Maybe implement both just 9 be a medium to large that hunts the smaller variant and is deadlier as well


Or let several passive 4s spawn in a wide area around a single 9. and if you attack a 4. it triggers the 9 to come for you.


Oh ya thats also really cool, could also make it so the 9 spawns new 4’s consistently and if enough are made it could root and make a hive or something that could flood the world with them and be a sort of mini-boss. Though maybe make this behavior only on the harder worlds so it doesn’t overwhelm the players.


That makes me think of some Chronicles of Riddick type situations where when some thing happens (rains, darkness, what ever) swarms of all consuming monsters come out of the ground for a little while, but otherwise hibernate out of sight, waiting for the conditions that trigger them to attack.


I flippen LOVE this idea. allows time to build with a real sense of excitement and danger.


That sense of dread and impending doom as you rush to get enough protection between yourself and the monsters… gets me every time! Thing is, after a few cycles you would learn how to protect yourself quite effectively… so I think the type of attack should be randomized in some way- some monsters attack where it is dark, some attack from the sky, some burrow up from below, etc. Perhaps this is better off expanded on and discussed in a different thread.


Ya ya ya. Have the planet determine it maybe. A frost variation in ice biomes or other things too. Get it so theres enough variation so ur still screwed… I mean challenged, every time u go up against them. Jeez never thought ppl would like the idea


I know its like Minecraft but the series I’ve been reading called ‘The Painted Man’ has a similar idea where demons rise up from the core when it turns night or earlier depending on how light it is. They can’t get through wards though.

The cool thing is though is that they only have defensive wards but one of the main characters discovers offensive wards capable of killing the demons inside ruins. He forges them in to weapons and tattoos them on his horse and himself.


Read all of the books in this series, really good. The series is called Demon cycle for those interested.
Such behaviour would be really cool in Boundless. Could also be very well incorporated into the Sandbox.


15 is the only one that reflects the two concepts: Boundless “blockiness” and a flyable body, in my humble opinion.


14 are just too awesome. I like the idea of a bunch of enemies flying around together like that… unless that’s one creature, in which case it’s creepy.

I also like 12 and 13. They seem Oort-esque.


11 months later, and i checked it expecting something new. Nope, just some arts from depths of time :smiley: