Art: Flying creature (fast flyer)


I really like the “Ideas” behind 3 and 14… 3 for the idea of a fast flying plant! rofl that’s not a concept many ppl would come up with xD… 14 for the flowing Chines Dragon-isk nature… would be awesome to see it coiling up when still and stringing out with fast movement… although the current shapes don’t quite fit… but that’s why its concept art!


15 and 14!!


I like the idea of the segmented flatworm-like flyer




Would like to see something with wings not every creature can defy gravity.


Gosh, it’s really hard to only pick a few. There’s some I really like the style of drawing. And there’s some that have a better flow system into the universe. Hmm… 3,7,11 maybe?

I can see myself trying to whack a couple of these with a grapple and exploit them for a free, fast, scenic means of transportation.


This was posted two years ago.


How do you measure gravity on these planets? The planets are small, so gravity is weak… They could use a gas to cause them to float through the low gravity, or thick atmosphere of these planets.


Pretty good necro here :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah shoot, you’re right! Haha es Tut Mir leid.

Edit: almost 3 years ago now. I dont see any of those in game yet. I wonder which one was chosen


This thread is so old lol… I like these concepts :slight_smile:


Well gravity must be a thing because we jump and dnt drift off we fall off a small ledge and take massive damage so yea must be gravity.


I like four of them 7, 11, 12, and 15.
7 because it looks cool.
11/12 because having a critter like that in game would be a really nice and cool element to play around with.
15 because the head seems more of a hit box then the tail because it has potential of a really nice eel transparent tail. Which would bring a nice element to the critter area. Honstly would love to see the tail go different colors when provoked or passive lol


I said it could be low gravity, and we just have little mass.


And I’m saying we need a fizzy lifting drink.