Art: New Creatures. Floater and Worm


Hi guys, new creatures for you :smile:
You can see two family type. One is the Floater that is going to be a passive entity that float around the world. Players could use as transportation system by grappling on it. Most of them could be massive but the size is still in progress and we are going to do some prototype. Some of them could have an effect on death that could be simple or devastating. :boom:
The other one is the Worm. On this one the size could be variable as well, we were considering to test some small and huge sizes. The creature is generally aggressive and quite nasty. We are exploring some options on those as well.

As always, more to come… stay tuned and pick your favourite :heart:



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For the flater 3 10 and 12 and for the worm I like 6 and 10. For the floater It would be cool if you could put like a carriage thing on the top.


OH MY GOD I want worm 11 O_o


I love the sleek floaters. I think it would be cool if they were hard to hit with the hook since they are basically easy way to avoid enemies.


crazy creatures like them all but the most 12


For the floaters, I quite like numbers 10, 12 and 7 (in that order!).

For the worms, I like 7, 2 and 6 (again in that order!).

Worms #11 just looks too … terrahawks (the bad guys I mean) …


But could you imagine walking past it and suddenly one of the blocks right next to you just start splitting appart into smaller blocks and then contnue to try to eat you?


Will the Worms digg tunels in the ground in which players can walk ? or are they “closing” the tunnels directly behind themself ?


By the looks of the designs, they are just laying in wait for a hapless adventurer to wander by. I doubt they will create tunnels, what with the extra server resources it would take to keep them active even when no one is nearby, and coupled with the world regeneration. I’d say that was pretty much a no go (even though it would be nice if they did!).


i imagine a sandworm from dune

that is really huge in dimensions and that leaves huge tunnel systems behind. i’d also could imagine to ride or tame one of them and use them as some sort of “working-force” for underground projects.



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I think creatures don´t even spawn if there aren´t any player in render distance. I also think that creatures despawn if they aren´t in render distance of any player entity for a while.
So the additional resource drain should be minimal (dependent on how frequently these worms spawn).

Some clarification on this and the behavior of the worm from a dev would definitely be nice.


I’ll admit, I hadn’t considered that aspect! I’m still having a little trouble wrapping my brain around how it would work though, but that’s just me operating on 3 hours sleep :wink:


Woah! Awesome looking art this time around! My favorite floaters are 10 and 11, and number 6 is interesting as well. Is that one supposed to look like a plant but can float off at any time? That would be really cool.

As for the worms, I like the ideas for 3, 4, and 11. 11 seems interesting because it could possibly be part of a dungeon or cave system, but would come out of the ground and attack.

As usual, I’ve added these to the devlog folder :innocent:


ya know me i aint picking i want everything ya show




6, 7, 12

2, 3, 5

Have you thought about something like a Jellyfish (cloudgatherer) from “Die Elfen” written by Bernhard Hennen?
It’s a Jellyfish like flying creature. Passive and they built ships around it. So you can tame one but it is really hard.
I think this would be a very neat feature for :boundless:.


Hi GarlanZhadar,
I think is a lovely idea. I’ll have a look at the book you mentioned. Sound like an interesting read :slight_smile:


Floaters - I really want #5 as a pet more than anything :smiley:

Worms - I want ALL of the worms, but especially 2 & 8 (they’re adorable)


I like 10 … Imagining a race that builds their cities upon these floaters and go about their goings on entirely co-existing with the floaters … :slight_smile:

PS: yes I was around in the orange age, if any ya’ll watch ‘played it’ (something like that) they did a review of Oort and bumped into me wearing my Orange jumpsuit … (Hahha just reminded me ‘Orange is the new black’ …