Art: New Creatures. Floater and Worm


Giant dossile floaters we can build cities on their backs…?


Love your idea :slight_smile:
I have no clue if it would be possible (it would be, of course, but time expensive) for the devs to animate such huge titancreatures with buildable surfaces. But would be totally awesome.


I think having the floaters be peaceful is awesome and imagine the community finding a way to guide them from area to area for a bus/zepplin system like in wow. Another thing is if one of them dies it could crush blocks beneath it and result in massive building loss. As such people who set up these transportation systems can place beacons so maybe there isn’t a wonderful person who decides why not kill the thing and everyone on it in this massive city that took months to build. The worms is gonna be amazing as well as the idea of mining when one of these goes SURPRISE and ur like dafuq. Then it proceeds to eat you or something idk.


Yeah imagine having a guild and a whole city rocking up on your doorstep as a floating city travels past… Commerce, trade, etc … I kind of like the idea they are not under control of the city upon its back, they are at the mercy of where the floater chooses to go, forcing them to be nomadic in a sense and still having to use the environment for scavenging. On the other hand the fluids (water) and flesh of the floater could make for a cool sustainability model. Or maybe the mites (being the size of an animal) could be farmed and kept under control, like whales and lamprey fish … Thus the floater actually wanting the race living upon its back in a semiotic relationship… So many cool possibilities.


I didn’t realize until now, that floater 7 is so great.
It sails across the sky through waves of clouds. Sometimes a fin is visible beyond the myst. Maybe I could draw sth. out of this if I might.
@Claudiotolomei would this be ok to you? I like the concept. But don’t want to steal it.
5th drawing reminds be of a baloon settlement. But it’s supposed to be a titan? Or creature? What is it? :fearful:


Hi Bokke, that was exactly the idea behind floater number 7 :slight_smile: A mysterious creature hidden in the clouds (or underwater) that will emerge and reveal himself in interesting ways. For answer your other question, creature number 5 is another floater creature with separate parts/heads.


Are worms will live in strongly bordered areas? It’s not wishable to be always in the power of fear to be eaten by worm. How we can avoid big worms and not will be their lunch? :smile:

I can imagine large flying slime leviathan like a gelatinous cube. You can hook it, but it’ll be consuming you. Slowly… :smiling_imp:


Thank you kindly for your answer. I treasure you devs are talking to us. It is interesting - some of your ideas are very inspirational. Right now it’s simply a lot of cute little drawings, but one could pump up an idea and create a different concept by simply changing some proportions (size) or the way of looking at an idea. Like, for example giving it another role in the game world :slight_smile:


Just wooooondering how these new creatures are progressing pleeeeeeeeaaaase :smiley: