Art: Donation Box

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Acting like a locked, one-way chest, you can donate anything you like for the owner. Craftable prop, not destroyable.

(Yes we are aware that 12-14 look like toilets. Shh shhh)

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I don’t want that kind of donation!!

When you say “not destroy able”, does that mean even by the owner? Or is it a case of not being retrievable once broken?


so many things, so here we can put anything we dont want for us and donate it for the player who owns the donation box?


I like the idea of the hand ones, but I think I prefer 11 or 16.

Something along the lines of 1 would work too, a hand holding up a box, but something about the opening being in the palm of the other ones is kinda weird looking :stuck_out_tongue:

A postal box shaped one would also work, like the big blue ones you see on the sidewalk.


It will work like any other block in a beacon – if you have permissions on the beacon you can break it, but if you don’t have permissions on the beacon you can’t. Someone interacting with it who has permissions on the beacon will be able to take objects out, but someone interacting with it who doesn’t have permissions can only put things in.


Firstly, #3 looks for me the most like a toillet, if at all^^
They look all fine but nothing I’d really want to be honest. Maybe try a hand which holds up the box like @alexanderyou said^^


12-14 can you donate some poop for the farmers out there lol


The hands look fantastic. However 16 looks like it if anybody looked at it, they would know what it was. Good stuff!


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Are there going to be any protections in place to prevent trolling? For example, someone filling one up with a worthless material or something? Getting flashbacks of minecraft servers that would have donation chests with hoppers only for someone to fill them with cobble.


I never had enough cobble! xD


All very cool designs! I especially like 9, 13, and 15. I’ll add this artwork to the collection.


1-4 remind me of C&C’s Hand of NOD.


Most of them also remind me of toilets or garbage bins xD Why not make slits as an opening? Or let it look like a treasure chest :smiley:


I now want a toilet that looks like #3 :smiley:


:cowboy_hat_face: shakes off the dust