Art: Location Signal Concept

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Concept processes for the premium item ‘location signal’, in which players place to indicate where they have set up shop or unique spot. There will be text that appears in the map where the location signal has been placed.

Initial explorations.

Narrowing it down to larger, more blocky pillars.

Weekly Dev Update: 2016 June 17th - Locks, Resource Regen and more

Really like them. Will they stay in many variations and colors so people can define their “unique” sign?


Large towns and such will still appear on the map right?


I like the one on the far left in the locationsignal4 picture, and all the ones in the locationsignal6 picture.

Also what happened to pictures 5 and 2? :stuck_out_tongue:


Premium Items means optional “to pay for” items, right? … if yes: Will we also be able to build location signs without paying for them?


I hope that the guild control thing counts as a location beacon, but I don’t really care too much. I’m fine with cash-shop stuff like this as it doesn’t affect gameplay but is something that enough people will want to get, which is essential for a non-subscription mmo.


That s what im imagining beacons to look like will every single one make it to the game for variations?


These look really cool! I like the 2nd and 3rd ones in image 4 the most!


I’m guessing these will need to be protected by beacons as well? Like if you’re setting up a PoI you want others to see on the map, it will require one of these and a beacon? (99% sure of this, just wanted to make sure).


I really like the first 3 top ones, and the 3rd one over on the 2nd picture. Very nice work! I’ve added these to the collection.


I love the one on the far right on the last picture


All of them look really awesome. Need this when I set up a shop of overpriced items new players will buy :smiling_imp: ten ort for a gleam anyone?


I’ll have to buy one of those for my shop :slight_smile: