IMPORTANT: Beacon reservation abuse is officially banned!

For sure. A lot of us often say “we wouldn’t want to be in their shoes” - and I’m sure most of us really mean it! lol

I don’t think we should be able to buy plots, but as long as we can…I’m buying them :sweat_smile:

They make the game, we just roll with it


I mean, if we couldn’t buy plots, how would they make money? :man_shrugging:


from things like having alt designs on armor/weapons/tools,mainly just keeping it cosmetic (we all know in 99% of mmo’s fashion is endgame xD

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So when cosmetic options arrive in Boundlessville one day in the future, what will we call it?

cuz right now we are Fashionless :sweat_smile:


i’m sure we can all think of something.
i’ll have you know lady mirage prime looked fabulous! :grin:

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What I think is important to point out is that before Oortmas 2019, pretty much all the cosmetic items we had were static items affixed on the character’s head. When I mean static, I mean these 3D models weren’t required to twist with the character’s model.

The scarves we’ve had with Oortmas 2019 are different in that they’re affixed around the neck of the character and these models do twist to follow the character’s animations.

Maybe this never ever was an issue for the devs, but I still remember concept arts from a time where the clothing explorations were still planned to be sets of small static models affixed on various parts of the character’s body. So I do like to think it’s something they’ve figured out quite recently, and it might mean that actual clothing for our characters are coming sooner than we might think. :wink:

Maybe @James can confirm or deny my above analysis? :man_shrugging:
Maybe I’m just reading too much into it. :stuck_out_tongue:


It was mentioned previously, though as far as I can remember it wasn’t actually banned until now. I could be wrong - but this is another point of contention; the fact that it’s not clear to new players. I’m a veteran player, and active on the forums, and even I can’t remember where this was last mentioned.

I imagine someone new picking the game up on Steam, jumping into the world and deciding to build something large in a nice area they’ve found. They don’t have the plots to secure the area just yet, so they get creative with the plot reservation system in order to reserve it until they have the plots to fill in the blanks.

Good or bad, right or wrong, like or dislike, it isn’t explicit that this is against the rules, unless they find this topic on the forums, that is if they even check the forums to begin with.

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I see what you did there :rofl:

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Think i am alt least €300,- not a lot and it might already be far more.

Don’t know because i also bought cosmetics with it. (Not counting GC but thats €100,- give or take).

I like the game so I don’t mind.

(To continue on topic it self)

Saw “Pay to win” plopping by several times.
Because you can buy plots…(or must to keep the land in some cases)

  1. Before plot protection was added the general point of view was. plot what you can, as fast as you can.
    So if you wanted a good piece of land claim it as fast as you possibly can.
  2. Don’t see the problem with taking a step back from the “use Plot Protection to claim at leaste half of the land more”.
  3. Some of us already saw this problem in some version happen before plot protection was released. And we got told that wasn’t the intention for this system. And shouldn’t use it to double our land.

So basically we get limited by a ratio of “compact beacon”/plot protection.
(What ever “compact beacon” conditions are).



Don’t get me wrong there are concerns of what this means because of infrastructure (roads/paths).

I think this works for players willing to spend real dollars for cosmetics, but what about those of us that really do not care about cosmetic items? What will they offer to get me to spend real dollars past the initial cost of the game? Even with Gleam Club I may have used a different color for my character because I could but would not have bought gleam club for that feature. I have bought cubits to exchange for plots, without that my spend would be down substantially. It might also affect if I need gleam club, because if I have fewer plots then I have fewer builds and may not need to have the convenience of getting my portals fueled if I only have one or two.

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I’ve come across players who have hit level 50 and still don’t know that you have to plot everywhere you put stuff down or looters/world regen will carry it off…


I love your build , please expand . Almost everyday I go and spend time there to see all the changes and expansion. Unfortunately we live in different countries and you are hardly ever there when I am :confused:.


well that is a fair point and not everyone is gonna want/like cosmetics,but then you also have to take into account what’s best for the dev’s in terms of revenue vs perception of a feature many players would consider p2w keeping a vast number of players away which causes the dev’s to bring in far less than they could vs keeping the controversial feature in to keep the minority happy.

What if someone puts up a wall around your town? There are doors and openings that go through it, but it is still there, preventing expansion. And then quits the game. Do you report it or leave it?

was it done deliberately? if so try to resolve the issue with guilty party,if you cant do that you should report it,griefing isn’t tolerated and should be dealt with.

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I think you would need to have some facts to back up the statement that is keeps only a minority happy or that it would generate more revenue. If we have players that are spending hundreds on plots would they spend hundreds on cosmetics or maybe only a few dollars? Of course we cannot know for sure.

Also as far as what players perceive as P2W also seems to not be easily defined. Is it the fact that after buying the game real dollars can be spent on items for the game? Is it the way the rewards look like loot boxes in other games? What is winning in Boundless anyway? Can we even agree that there is a way to win? I guess my question always comes down to, what can be bought with real dollars that cannot be earned in game? As far as I know the answer is nothing.

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This game is very easy in a sense to gain plots every single time you level up. Just have to sink time into the game. Build for what you can achieve. If a player wants to actually spend $100’s or even $1000’s of their actual money to buy plots to cover a planet, do you honestly see this as “winning”???


that’s like saying in many games that selling a $30 item to 100 people makes you alot of money vs only charging $10 and selling it to 8000 people,your right that we don’t know for a fact so tbh its pointless saying the only way to generate money is selling plots

for the record i don’t consider it p2w but i have been around awhile and was here when steam blew up with reviews of p2w with over 15k+ comments saying they are going to avoid this “greedy mobile style cash grab” that alone has caused a much smaller player base then we would have otherwise.

to me i define p2w as gaining an advantage with money that can’t be gained by playing the game (like when some of the mmo’s ive played sold stat items you couldn’t get in game)

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P2W i buy plots plop them down and have to buy some more…
Want to go up buy some plots plop them down and again buy some more.

Am i losing or winning? Unless i reclaim everything it feels like i am losing cubits faster then get them. Might be a hole in my menu and am sprinkling cubits every where.

Buy Cosmetic, spend some money ooooh i am winning junk in my inventory that ill prob wear one time a year.