IMPORTANT: Beacon reservation abuse is officially banned!

Ban no maybe they just loose those plots

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Hi so as the only rational man in an awful lot of horrible situations (dont ask) am I the only lone who sees this as not really a fix for anything but their pocketbook?

I mean the thing was you plotted off a lot of land using your plots and then reserved X2X3 more of it with the reservation system. So now youll just have to plot off the land entirely - you can still plot exactly what you wanted to plot before, just using more plots rather than abusing the reservation system to claim more plots than you are allowed by your cash spend.

Like…I could still plot half of sengaki if I wanted to, because I have Money and no qualms about spending it on funzies. But suddenly plotting half of Sengaki using a third of the plots is now banned?

Im unsure of what this solves exactly.

also, forgive the absence of the apostrophe, iv got monster huneter world macros running so i cant type it. anyone up for a game of monster smash?


This issue and the way you phrase it is really showing how this game is ‘pay2win’. If someone has the money to drop on plots (or backer packages with insane perks to plot bonus’s), then they can just bully build through planets while others can’t and will still continue to have their builds restricted.

I’m starting to see this as a whole system design flaw. Or maybe it’s intended you spend gobs of cash on plots? With the ridiculous connetion problems I have every other week though it’s stopping me from buying any plots. I have maybe 2 months of gleam club left and I’ll make a decision about my stuff then I guess.


the reservation system was never meant to reserve land using less plots/making you spend more cubits,it was to stop other people from absorbing your builds against your will/blocking you in from expanding,the new change is to fix the loophole people have found away around.

also you dont really need to spend cash to get plots as at lvl 50 every level earned is 300 cubits so you could earn them,yes it will take longer but your not really “forced to spend”.


You get it; the spirit of the game vs. what can you get away with.

Hello, hello, this is Rent-A-World, your last check did not go through.

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I agree with @xira1979 and @Muenster that this doesn’t really fix the problem with the pay2win aspects of the game. But I don’t think this was done with money as the motivation; I think the devs are genuinely trying to address the issue.


(re: visible dust) Roger that.

I see what you mean but… You’re not “forced” to pay to win candy crush either. It’s conceivable to beat it the normal way, it’ll just take a billion years. Just as you’re not forced to buy plots, but if you want 50,000 plots you need to pay or grind 8 years.


true enough to a degree,who on earth needs 50k plots,maybe i should of stated forced to spend to get a reasonable amount of plots which can be achieved in a reasonable time assuming one plays a few hours per day and focuses on it,you can get what 1200 cubits atleast per day if one really wanted too.

yes but candy crush is deliberately designed with spending in mind (many games especially from the likes of EA/activision etc use this shady tactic) where as boundless isn’t.

personally would rather they just remove the option to buy plots and sell things like cosmetics like alt designs to armor/weapons etc but then how would that be dealt with by the devs,either route would cause outrage,if you remove that option people will complain that some bought them and they can’t and they can’t refund the people who did due to possibly screwing over big builds where someone bought 100+ plots.

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Bought 100+ lol. There are people who have bought 10,000+


well i’m aware alot of people have bought more than that (hence the + as not sure how many people buy exactly) point still stands,dev’s are in a position of damned if they do damned if they don’t on people perceiving plot buying as “p2w”,i really don’t see how they can possibly resolve the issue of some being ok with it and others not,you can’t keep everyone happy so dev’s should just aim for the majority and be happy with that.

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Yeah, clearly, if I play in 2020 like I’ve played in 2019, and if I go through with the plans I have to expand my build, I will definitely cross the 4 figures spendings in Boundless. :sweat_smile:


For sure. A lot of us often say “we wouldn’t want to be in their shoes” - and I’m sure most of us really mean it! lol

I don’t think we should be able to buy plots, but as long as we can…I’m buying them :sweat_smile:

They make the game, we just roll with it


I mean, if we couldn’t buy plots, how would they make money? :man_shrugging:


from things like having alt designs on armor/weapons/tools,mainly just keeping it cosmetic (we all know in 99% of mmo’s fashion is endgame xD

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So when cosmetic options arrive in Boundlessville one day in the future, what will we call it?

cuz right now we are Fashionless :sweat_smile:


i’m sure we can all think of something.
i’ll have you know lady mirage prime looked fabulous! :grin:

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What I think is important to point out is that before Oortmas 2019, pretty much all the cosmetic items we had were static items affixed on the character’s head. When I mean static, I mean these 3D models weren’t required to twist with the character’s model.

The scarves we’ve had with Oortmas 2019 are different in that they’re affixed around the neck of the character and these models do twist to follow the character’s animations.

Maybe this never ever was an issue for the devs, but I still remember concept arts from a time where the clothing explorations were still planned to be sets of small static models affixed on various parts of the character’s body. So I do like to think it’s something they’ve figured out quite recently, and it might mean that actual clothing for our characters are coming sooner than we might think. :wink:

Maybe @James can confirm or deny my above analysis? :man_shrugging:
Maybe I’m just reading too much into it. :stuck_out_tongue:


It was mentioned previously, though as far as I can remember it wasn’t actually banned until now. I could be wrong - but this is another point of contention; the fact that it’s not clear to new players. I’m a veteran player, and active on the forums, and even I can’t remember where this was last mentioned.

I imagine someone new picking the game up on Steam, jumping into the world and deciding to build something large in a nice area they’ve found. They don’t have the plots to secure the area just yet, so they get creative with the plot reservation system in order to reserve it until they have the plots to fill in the blanks.

Good or bad, right or wrong, like or dislike, it isn’t explicit that this is against the rules, unless they find this topic on the forums, that is if they even check the forums to begin with.

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