Updates on WIP stuff?

Hi all, long time no see. Lots of new faces around these forums which is good to see!

I just wanted to pop in real quick and ask about updates on some of the pieces of content that have been shown off/discussed in the past.

I’m wondering specifically about ground bashers, hunters, titans, airships, temples, backer created worlds, races, wearables, taming, and private worlds.

Some of these things haven’t had updates in over 3 years. I know there’s dev time being put in on bug fixes and whatnot. Simply curious as I’ve been kind of putting off playing until there’s an update to anything on that list.


Nope, nothing on that list has made it into the game just yet. If you had to pick one of those things that would definitely draw you back in to playing, what would it be and why?

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I think the temple in this post is what became the Sanctum:

But I guess with temple you mean dungeons like in mmorpgs. That would definitely be a game changer.

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The thing that would draw myself and all of the IRL friends I originally had playing back to Boundless would be titans or temples. Some sort of end-game, cooperative activity. We’re all old semi-hardcore WoW raiders so giving us a way to utilize the teamwork, communication, and strategies required to take out a larger challenge like that would be really fantastic.

I know meteors are supposed to fill this niche now but what with the oversaturation of creature resources in the market and the ease with which the top guilds farm them it feels like a lackluster experience that essentially becomes more of a job.

Now if there were specific hunter skills such as a “carving skill” that made certain valuable creature resources only obtainable by those with the skill then I think meteors would be more interesting and valuable as an overall experience instead of as just a job that has to be performed to keep oort stockpiles full.

Also yes, I know this. Was more curious about any progress on the dev side. The hunter artwork, modeling, and animations for example have been done for years as far as I can tell and I saw it’s on the trello roadmap. Just wondering when things like this become a priority over new features like the coin machine and the world market scanner thing or how that’s all balanced at wonderstruck. Or if they’ve just scrapped some of the things on my list entirely.

It’s no longer called the hunter. It’s now the warp wraith and it was on the road map. They were working on the ai but I don’t what happened to it after they said that. I believe we should have had it by now but things got pushed around.

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An updated roadmap would be nice. Although I DO like surprises. “What are the devs gonna put in next?” I like teasers/trailers as well! “I want more! When will I get it?!” Is just as awesome…imo

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I’m still waiting for the day when a patch comes, nothing in the notes about it, people go on as normal and suddenly we hear cries in the mining tunnels as the wraiths execute their invasion :smiley:


That would look suspicious, no patch notes!

They could just say:
Minor downtime, some generic fixes. Even later on once live again have some patch notes WITHOUT the Warp Wraith in it, muahahahaha

It’s the sorta thing these devs would do! They are a tad on the ehh sadistic side! I love it and I hate it, lol.

How many of you have tried to harvest one of those, ehh, spineback plants in the dark and when close by noticed it’s a darn hopper? Or that sand is often enough the same darn colour as the lucent/gem item we are looking for, etc., etc.?


It would be interesting if they put temples or “dungeons” on t8 planets as a “raid” for groups of people for special loot.

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It would be nice to have some type of end game raid like temple’s or dungeons, but that would require the devs to push more of an mmo feel. I am all for this, wish there was a greater rarity of some items so the economy could have a dichotomy.

But some vocal community members are pushing more of a solo game to the devs. So, I think that would require the devs actually deciding that this is an mmo to push high end raids or something in with special loot to sell, and have that be the only way to get it.

Right now, the only thing we got is meteor ichor, but that is incredibly hard to get and no one leads raids on t7 for some reason.

Ichor makes oort 3x more effective, would think this would make more sense for hunts, but just my opinion

Temples acting as other game’s dungeons was the original idea way long ago. I agree that exoworlds would be an ideal location for them since there’s no way to add them to the current worlds without a wipe.

People have been pushing a solo game for over 4 years now. The devs have stated time and again that their intention is to create a social game that requires interaction with other players. While I’m not sure they’ve met that goal the point is that I don’t think they will ever intentionally design something with the intention being that that thing is only for solo play.

Guild control and the central guild is something I’d also be interested in seeing brought back to the discussion table.

Didn’t say they’d be empty, just nothing about it (the wraith) :wink:

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How about giving us players the tools to build those temples and dungeons?


I don’t think people have been pushing specifically for Boundless to be a solo game it’s just that the game has been marketed as being suitable to “go it alone” or "find friends and work together ".

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Boundless has been pushed as a social experience OR a solo experience… it’s a Sandbox…do what YOU want in Boundless there are not supposed to be “one right way to play” but rather limitless options!


Iconic I know does t7 when it’s here. Also most people(hubs) don’t use the Ichor because you lose too many shards making it. They’d rather fuel more often opposed to losing the shards.

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I think there are some interesting ideas here but I was really hoping for some sort of very brief update from the devs or from a leader. I think a quarterly roadmap evaluation would be a great thing for Boundless and something I’ve pushed for a while now.

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I think the game really needs more enemy types. It’s been a year and there are still only 4 enemy types.