Art: Wearables Exploration

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Also! the bird race’s ninja armor! LOVE IT! :smiley: hope there is wolf version too!

Sorry about the thread necro, but I just found this thread :wink:

Hoping for:

  • Functional and Cosmetic slots for each slot that are separate.
  • Snowshoes / Cleats – stop sliding on ice.
  • Ice-skates - TO slide on the ice, with control!
  • Rebreather / O2 tank – longer underwater breath meter.
  • Hang-glider.

Can we have the candy canes outfit for Christmas?


Or the Santa one?

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16 top:star_struck:

I apologize for the act of thread-necromancy.

Recently, I’ve spent quite some time messing with forging, and all the compounds, gums, pastes, solvents, catalysts and resins. So I gave my reroll who’s only role is to forge and craft these things a paint-job (ha-ha). The one with the big hand mark on the torso, and stains on the hands. Chose this one to represent that he fiddles so much with all these potions that his hands and constantly covered in mixed residuals.

So then I thought “ah, would be neat to have a stain-covered apron”.

And I did this mock-up :

Like outfits and paints, you’d be able to chose up to 3 colors, so the base color of the apron, and two colors for the stains. Could make it look like what I thought about for my character : forge potion stains. Could look like a butcher who cuts the meat in his shop (or a psycho who hunts with his stained apron while cackling in the wild), or a mecano covered with machine gunk.




And the award goes to @Goblinounours


Joking aside that would be pretty epic to have those aprons


Thank you, thank you, you’re too kind.

I might post more drawings like this, though. If bringing back this thread from the abyss of death bothers someone like devs or moderators or whoever, I’ll post my own thread.

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Gave me high hopes. Turned out to be a necropost.

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I just want that scruffy beard without having to use an outfit slot

3 Likes keep dreaming buddy. The day corporate interests take a back seat to fan interests, is a day I’d love to see.

Not bad… you just replied to a sarcasm post from a little over 2 years ago :laughing:

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Yeah, it just bother me when people blindly follow any corporate entity like that.

I know this is probably not the best place for this discussion… but there is a number of times the Devs have listened to their playerbase in terms of balancing the game. I think they’re worried about adding more content first before they’re worried about adding aesthetics. With the farming update there were issues, the player base brought it up, and they were resolved. Same with the XP rock predicament. The Devs here actually do listen to their playerbase and are willing to compromise.

With most companies though, I absolutely do agree.

And Nintendo might be the most well known for taking down things made by fans, even when it’s non-profitable. The sarcasm was super obvious, there.^^

Rip Pixelmon… :sob::sob::sob:

Sigh. Clothes.

My character would like a tail though.

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Clothes/armour would be fine though I’d prefer face and more body customisation first

Piggy Outfit please

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