DKPoll and discussion: should clothing-like paint go in the game?

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No offense taken. It def needs to be fixed. I’ll re-work the design so that it looks decent.
Have been super busy irl. Lots going on. (as I’m sure is the case for a lot of ppl right now)

Why would painted clothes reduce the need for actual clothing and armor? The devs are not stupid by any means. They wouldn’t just ditch one of the most asked for feature of the game because of some paint. And besides, some people legitimately like the painted on clothing designs. It’s still fun cosmetically speaking. I understand they could add a tux suit as wearable clothing, but I doubt they would put a bunch of cosmetic clothing before real functional armor. I feel painted clothing works well for those interesting clothing pics that are a little more “silly” like tuxes, or the boss baby outfit. While the actual clothing and armor is gonna be more, “tribal” for the clothing and more functional for the armor. Why is it one or the other? Why would paint detract from the need for clothing in any way? I think the devs have the capacity to see we want both and will work on both the exact same amount they already are.



But they are right it does take some of the “pressure” off

That said, the pressure hasn’t done anything for 2 years so I don’t think paint will change that

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I mean more like if Minyi and Jess made a version of yours I’m sure it’d look amazing - not that yours is bad per se

As paint or clothes?

Because it’s easy to imagine someone posting requesting or discussing clothing and people coming in and saying “This paint clothing is great, I love it and don’t need armor - that would just ruin my tux paint by covering it up.”

I can also imagine a meeting where the devs are planning to add clothing, but a stakeholder goes, “Well, they already got paint tuxes, and requests for clothing is down since then, so let’s work on this other thing first”

From what I can tell, development on this game moves pretty slow - which means that prioritization is king. If clothes are currently scheduled for 2022, I would guess that paint clothing would eventually push it to “on the table”. Not necessarily right away, but at some point in the future.

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Nono it’s not scheduled for 2022 or anything I’m just saying it’s a long way off. I don’t think there are any current active plans to add clothing.

There had better be plans somewhere along the line, as it’s one of the early access backer perks for Adventurer and up to be able to craft an exclusive wearable (not be given a non-craftable headpiece in a cosmetic shop).

Still waiting on stuff like this to be added…


Even then, the idea is still the same… If it’s next on the roadmap, then paints might push it back behind titans or whatever is next. You seem to understand the idea though… If you get a little snack of painted clothes, your hunger for clothes is likely to get pushed back a bit.

Asking for painted clothes is fine, but it should be known that it’s a form of settling and saying, “Yeah, I guess we might never get proper clothing, I’ll be okay with paint instead.” I don’t have “waiting for feature fatigue” here, so my opinions are undoubtedly different from the standard here, though.

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Never saw these
Very cool

I’d prefer to wait for actual clothing, maybe paint clothing would delay that as it might be seen as a ‘temp fix’?

But I got nothing against painted on clothes as long as it makes sense to the Boundless universe


Paints are just cosmetic. For that reason alone, I have zero worries about this.

They have already started designing shields and some other things. The devs are smart…there’s no way they’d forgo actual armor & clothing, just because they start accepting awesome, fun paint designs from the community.

Users have been creating mods for awhile -hoping the game would one day allow user-submitted ones like other games do. Paints are a good 1st step. Once we get rental/Creative planets, hopefully people can start creating/submitting 3D items, characters, blocks, creatures, etc. It sounds like that’s the direction they may be heading.

BTW, welcome to Boundless :boundless:

Sometimes members here really push their views/preferences/theories/concerns/etc (me, included). There are a lot of smart, strong-minded, passionate people here :grin: :blush:


IMO, a smart dev works on the most beneficial thing to the game. Clothes are both functional and cosmetic, and if the cosmetic demand is reduced… Anyway, that’s just beating the issue to death, I’ve made my point.

Thank you for the welcome. It’s easy to see, especially in that suggestions thread, that this is a fairly small community with a it’s own culture and lots of strong friendships and relationships. Forming strong opinions and being passionate is definitely expected in an environment like this.


Most people here take it in stride

The game itself is way “friendlier” than the forums IMO


They are :+1: Rental worlds & the other content they are working on = a top priority & will allow functionality/mechanics that will benefit everyone. Clothing is great, but it cannot take priority over fundamental systems & mechanics that are much needed.

Yeah, sovereigns are also additional recurring revenue, which is very important for other reasons.

Do we know what other things they are currently working on / prioritizing other than sovereigns and creatives? I know there isn’t a current public roadmap, but it sounds like there is some knowledge floating around.

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Nope we know nothing pretty much haha

That was my concern when bodypaints first came out, however long ago that was now. It baffles me a bit sometimes that clothing hasn’t been made yet, but ah well.

I’d probably prefer they stick to the non-clothing paint designs, but I do think some of the faux clothing submissions look pretty cool.

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Does anyone else do polls or have you got monopoly dk? :smiley:

Anyone else can do Polls

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