Who wants clothes and armor? Change your icon to a suit of armor (or pants)!

It is a HUGE area of expansion for the game. Done with care it can be a big win for all sorts of reasons:

  • Economy
  • Player identity
  • New player experience
  • Exchange - supporting development
  • Fun?!?!
  • Different from other block/voxel games?

I just … don’t want clothes … it’s so unoortian LOL Maybe I’ll get over it :wink:

Then choose no clothes. :).

Marrs, the regimented citizen.

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Lol. You can want clothes added while still choosing to be naked :wink:

Paintable clothes and armor maybe? To keep the MT shop relevant?

So when is armor coming to the game :face_with_monocle:

The concept art for this wouldn’t rule out bodypaints, they would still be pretty visible.

Holy ■■■■ that concept art looks incredible!!!

What ever happened to the different races update? Getting tired of a universe of clones

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The best one is 20

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Also shows the next two playable races hope they come out sooner rather then later.

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Got a kick out of the Ironman suit. XD

Love all of these. I’ll take a birb person or a sweet wolfo

What if we had like special skins like lava skin where it actullay looked like lava or like marble or something then we can still do the clothes people either can do special skin without clothes or just regular skin or both just a idea

Honestly if wearable armor doesn’t make its way into the game after farming I will be taking a long break to play anthem.

PC I’m assuming?

In the off chance you do on ps4, I could def use another squad member. (Helps get money just from ppl on friends list playing)

No it will be for Xbox can’t find a reason to buy PlayStation yet since I only play a few games.

I’m on PS4 Anthem, same username. Add me :blush:

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Would it be fun if you could sculpt a giant size model of the armor out of blocks and a machine would generate a character size version to wear?

Armour would be awesome. Especially if you can forge it to have things like planetary resistance, hit point bonus or stamina bonus, elemental resistance, agility bonus, etc.
@james run it by the team and see what you can do for your old pal. Lol.

Such a nice idea. Actually i’m a freelance designer and i used to design clothes for games and xbox avatar and i had a friend who was programming my designs i also used to sell many dresses and shoes designs to big fashion company such as Zara, Gucci, Prada and JiuNi, they have high quality clothes with nice prices and recently i signed a contract with big fashion company here in US and i’ll design skirts exclusive for them, but i’d keep make some free designs just to share thoughts and new idea with fashion designs, the company i work with now is lilylulufashion, you can check my skirts here: www.lilylulufashion.com/tulle-skirts/ , i still design clothes and armors for games but i don’t have someone to program them.

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No clothes or armor yet :frowning:
We do get hats though!

I mean… there’s so many things we don’t have yet, you could write 10 to 20 threads with such a statement at this point. ^^

To me, Boundless became a great example of a game that promised far too many things from the get-go, while they clearly don’t have the man-power to achieve these goals in an acceptable time-frame.
I’m not saying the regularity at which they push their updates isn’t decent, but it’s not normal by any measure for us, the community, to wait for 6 years (going for the decade at this rate) to get what was promised.
I hope that if Wonderstruck learns one lesson from Boundless if they do another game, it would be to not do that over-promising BS again, for the sake of their future community.
Get more employees, give in to a higher (yet still acceptable) level of F2P to get more money if that’s the issue, but never promise stuff from the begining of early-access that will be released 2+ years (and counting) after release.

Also, more transparency. They throw Sovereign Worlds on testing and we find out that there’s A LOT of thigns they didn’t consider because they waited super long before showing us what they were working on.

I’ve been saying stuff like that for about 2 years now, and Wonderstruck is not currently giving me reasons to want to stay once Hytale is released.

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