Who wants clothes and armor? Change your icon to a suit of armor (or pants)!

I don’t care about anything in the store. I want craftable clothes and armor.

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@marrs that would be the “leave the game as is” option :wink:

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Why would they do that though? Sure, I’d like it. But they’ve shown they want to sell cosmetic stuff with the bodypaints and the only hats/masks that exist. If they did make more gear, they’re just gonna give it to us? (while also hurting sales since no one would buy bodypaint anymore, or at least less would if it’s going to be covered up in all this gear).

Of course if it’s actual gear with benefits (armour, whatever) selling it becomes more of a problem, so maybe there’s room there to allow players to create (for example) a dirt brown tunic, and then if you want something that looks decent you buy a skin or something.

Not trying to sound like I love monetization, just trying to be realistic based on what we have currently.

Body paints are fine for naked characters even if they loose money from body paints they will gain way more by creating clothing overlays that go ontop of craftable armor. That would be a nice compromise for me cubits for style so they can make money. Craftable forgeable armor for the players to make us happy.

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No, i’d like wear-ables crafted out of the hide like bandoliers and belts. I’d like them integrated with the body paint - not cover it. I’d like them to be “socketable” or role specialized like a cargo belt for miners and gatherers, an atlas “key-ring”, Slingbow Augments for the hunter, revives bag for the healer, etc … I dunno you guys use your imagination :slight_smile:

Edit: please no clothes and nothing with armor stats :slight_smile:

Edit again: could even allow for cosmetic items bought with cubits. Like feathers? Or I dunno … decor

They could apply the body paints to the armor and sell those. Same with headgear on helmets. How awesome would a monocle look with a gleam top hat and slacks?

There hasn’t been a compelling “why” since it can still be remonetized. It will actually increase what they can sell since they could sell cosmetic clothing.

If the desire is to “keep the game the same” then we should analyze the “why”. Progress is natural and for boundless it only makes sense that we can obsolete the points associated with elemental resistance with armor.

No reason they can’t do both. Masks and paint as MTs, clothes in-game.

They could even sell skins for the craftable clothes and armor that apply to the character, not the clothes.

The goal is more in game content, not more items in the store. We want to be able to sell them to each other for coin, after all.

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I’d like to see craftable clothes and armor. I would also like to see purchaseable clothes or skins that are more detailed or seasonal. That seems like a good balance between letting the players create and also supporting the devs.

It is a HUGE area of expansion for the game. Done with care it can be a big win for all sorts of reasons:

  • Economy
  • Player identity
  • New player experience
  • Exchange - supporting development
  • Fun?!?!
  • Different from other block/voxel games?

I just … don’t want clothes … it’s so unoortian LOL Maybe I’ll get over it :wink:

Then choose no clothes. :).

Marrs, the regimented citizen.

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Lol. You can want clothes added while still choosing to be naked :wink:

Paintable clothes and armor maybe? To keep the MT shop relevant?

So when is armor coming to the game :face_with_monocle:

The concept art for this wouldn’t rule out bodypaints, they would still be pretty visible.

Holy ■■■■ that concept art looks incredible!!!

What ever happened to the different races update? Getting tired of a universe of clones

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The best one is 20

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Also shows the next two playable races hope they come out sooner rather then later.

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Got a kick out of the Ironman suit. XD

Love all of these. I’ll take a birb person or a sweet wolfo

What if we had like special skins like lava skin where it actullay looked like lava or like marble or something then we can still do the clothes people either can do special skin without clothes or just regular skin or both just a idea