Who wants clothes and armor? Change your icon to a suit of armor (or pants)!

Change your profile icon to pants or armor if you want pants or armor!

  • I want clothing (cosmetic) and armor (protective)
  • I want only clothing
  • I want only armor
  • Leave the game as is

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The only way I’d want armor is if there is a system similar to terraria. There’s slots for your armor pieces, and then there’s slots for vanity pieces. Visually, the vanity slots override the armor slots, but the benefits of the armor are overriding the vanity slots.

This way all end game players don’t look identical. Sometimes there’s cool looking armors that perform badly, so it’s cool to put them in the vanity slot while using a strong armor.

Also, make the armor able to be dyed. I want black/red armor.


Portal Knights does the same thing with cosmetics vs armor.

I think cosmetics would be a better way to make real money for the devs. Release new outfits weekly and people would totally buy them. Look at Fortnite and Apex. I don’t want to buy and encourage gleam club, but I’d definitely buy some outfits.


Both, as long as they are craftable in-game.


Craftable armor with different levels of environmental protection built in using elemental shards in the recipe for the environmental protection you need. Then take the pieces to the centraforge for physical protection and buffs.
Should be 5 piece armor
Feet, legs, chest, hands/wrists, head
And attachments slots for the back.
For future things like backpacks, scuba gear, wingsuit, battery pack,
Future vanity sets would overlay the armor pieces for unique looks for all characters.


Terraria, Trove, & PK does this, I believe. I like the auras you can get if you upgrade/collect certain pcs too.


I really wanted slotted armor, they have some many cool concepts in the dev-art that I want them all!

Yet if the new races are still cooking in the oven then all the different armor pieces are going to need to be modeled for each race’s body.

So I can wait a little longer on armor if we get new races first.

Oh I also would love to see armor stands that we could place the armor pieces on. That would look awesome for a blacksmith forge shop. Please give more props haha.


Yes please

I am constantly wasting time switching points from one environmental protection to another. It’s a waste of cubits but more importantly it focuses my time on specific worlds rather than seeing everything and everyone.

The game simply doesn’t have the population to segment to that degree. Provide another product for the economy, and improve player satisfaction at the same time.

Clothing could be a low to middle tier cosmetic good that derives it’s color scheme from gleam (refined clothes) or foliage (regular clothes).

Armor could be a low to top tier armor whose color is based on the metal used. Gem armors could be added for extra swag and stats. These would be forgeable to include environmental protection using amalgam (giving them a use) and provide buffs to health, armor, and fall protection.

Additionally, armor could have two wear elements. 1) durability: as implied, this is you getting hit, try not to and your armor will last longer! 2) elemental protection: recharge using shards from the applicable resistant world. Corrosion resistant armor? Feed it corrosion shards every few hours.

Just some thoughts!


Both! But craftable! Sellable! Preferably in some way that armour can be unique, heck, make them forgable!

Also: after farming tho :slight_smile:


Shall we restart the pants icons thing? Maybe suits of armor?

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I would love armor to put on each character to go to different planets and stylish clothes too


Craftable armour for sure, and forgable (forgeable?) to boot!

Cosmetic clothing I’m less fussed about, but would still be a welcome addition!


Ooh, forgeable (sp?) would be awesome! Double jump boots, lava protection pants, a glowing chest plate…


Exactly! And it gives forgers a whole slew of new items to sell! Also a boost to the economy.


Well looks like it is a land slide win for craftable armor in the game. With cosmetic overlays.


Like everyone else I’d like it. What concerns me is the devlog about wearable stuff was 4 years ago and there are just a few hats and underwear at this point. Then they add bodypaint- which would likely be all or mostly covered if there was gear, so why bother unless they’ve decided to say to heck with wearable items, let them express themselves with paint.

Now, I’d love for a dev to jump in and say, “Hooo boy, how wrong you are!” But that’s just the feeling I get.

You need a “None of the above” option to the poll

Do you want to elaborate why?