Roadmap: Guilds, Hunter, Body Paint and more!

I was thinking more of deep mining but that second sentence reassures me, thank you! :slight_smile:


Funny enough i just happen to have 8x8 plot space under my temple. I recpn its gonna be farm haha


Enemies don’t spawn on beaconed areas, which means you can create underground tunnels - just be sure to seal them up!

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This is kinda shot in the dark, but do you have any info on farming? Like is it going to be you but farmable on soil? Or something. Can you give some sneaky peaky?


I am very happy to see that the game content expansion has made substantial progress, rather than making some weird adjustments to the old system.


@James When are we going to see more faces? :blush:


Is it possible to be part of more than one guild? If so, do you get buffs from the “highest” or “best” guild you’re in?


So linkshells from ffxiv?


Yeah good question.


credit goes to @SePras


Not everything in development is described here. Faces are in the pipeline.

You can be a member of many guilds. But just like beacons you must always have a Primary Guild. Buffs only come from your primary.


This looks fantastic! Really looking forward to these major features. Body paints are a cool idea. I assume that actual clothing (armor, helmets/masks, boots) are still on the table for later on? Hopefully also forgeable. :+1:

Anyway, great work!


how often can you change your primary guild?


Hot damn! These are going to be some pretty great improvements!

Gotta say, I’m a bit surprised at farming (wasn’t expecting it, given past roadmap talk). Super glad to see that the community is able to help steer things of that magnitude (can’t find a link to the poll that had farming up top, but I remember it) :+1:

But, man, I really want titans and more of the RPG core loop too :frowning:


Me too but there is sooo much stuff i want done/ready first so. :stuck_out_tongue: im not burnong out this year atleast :stuck_out_tongue:


Titans should be next after guilds/farming

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  • No

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Lol :smiley: thanks


Daaamn this is great news, thanks for the roadmap!

Awesome to see the near future projection of game :slight_smile:

I genuinely squirmed a bit when I read “Tap tap tap. Tap tap tap.” :joy:


Ohhh Jeeebus, now just add The Beacon Protection Areas and Transformer Chisel that change Blocks in the Planets Color Spectrum and I build a giant “The Devs are Awesome” sign in our Town xD


I just want to say as I’ve been told several times I’m an overly critical poster, I really appreciate the more thorough communication the team has been doing over the course of the last month or so. It’s been a noticeable step up with you guys taking the time to post a few bits of data and metrics so we, the playerbase, can better know where you guys are coming from and what’s intended which in turn lets us flesh things out and make sure things are as they should be.

The constant PS4 crashes had my patience thin for a long time but it seems like you guys have finally gotten that under control. My kids primarily play the PS4 version now and I’ve picked up a PC copy as well. Farming and Guilds are two things I know our household is very keen on and can not wait until farming gets implemented, even though it seems like you folks plan a different tact than most farming implementations, I’m sure you folks will give us a great toolkit to explore, exploit, and have fun with.

It’d be fantastic if you had the time to do a road map update like this, monthly. Even if a feature isn’t moving as quickly as you had hoped, in development, knowing the amount of progress or the problems that have come up during the process, for this particular community, I think would go a long way just as far as ‘getting tid bits’ to keep excitement alive for those that ‘are looking for more’.

Thanks again for the work you guys have clearly been putting in since 1.0 I will continue to be critical of things I personally feel don’t operate well and I’m sure others will as well but I just want it to be clear that it’s not that I’m ever against this game. The core of this game is fun and fantastic. My kids are experiencing some of the fun and excitement that I found back in the UO days, and I really enjoy seeing that as a parent and a gamer.