Future of the game directed @James

What I’d do or pay to see all of that in the game…my opinion is still and always will be…boundless launched too soon. I was eager like everyone else. I still love the game but I’d love to see some of this stuff sooner than later. That boredom meter has me back and forth


I know Empyrion - Galactic Survival once posted a road map and then followed up with a poll on their forums asking the players to rank the items on the road map and then the developers would do their best to finish up the most voted for items first. They would eventually complete all the items but it was a way to see where the community’s interest was the heaviest.


For me, if they don’t add another single thing, it’s not something I would quit over. At all! I mean sure it would suck and I was looking forward to the extras coming. But I can’t say all those bullet points if they were not happening , i’m signing off.

I mean it is a casual crafting game. I do like crafting and building stuff, and being able to gather my own resources and making whatever I like. Since I don’t expect the “economy” to be something of other mmo’s, It’s hard for me to say I would quit for that either.

All those things are coming however. Just need to be patient. There is no race to win. I am just going to keep building and relaxing and enjoying this game, and when new stuff is added I will enjoy that to.


I think ws does an amazing job keepping us all informed and engaging with/asking questions of the community. It really is impressive to see the constant feedback loop with this game. But it can never be enough.

I know future promising anything is never a good idea, usually only leads to disappointment when things dont happen according to the time (exhibit A - OP), but maybe a more casual ‘unofficial monthly roundup’ could help.

E.g. Recap on whats been done that month (highlight some of the good things that people seem quick to forget about - silver shovels anyone?) and what the effect was (was a post a while ago while ago about regen rates i think that showed the actual data of how it changed things), let us know what is in dev/short roadmap, and i think an important part thats being missed is ‘whats on the wishlist’.

If youre clear about the wishlist part being just a wishlist and bugs/balance/community outrage, need to come first then hopefully people dont take it as gospel and understand that just cause you want it as much as we do doesnt mean it will happen overnight. Or even just a “with everything else on we havent got to farming yet, but still keen to!”.

I know thats a lot of work for someone, and as mentioned i think the levels of communication are incredible already, but i can see even more opportunity to give a little less formal updates and let everyone know about all these other bits that havent quite made an official release (yet).

I think its always best to be open and share everything even if its just wishes, and then apologise on the rare occasion that becomes a problem, rather than drip feed info and feed uncertainty and have to be on the defensive all the time.

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This… we could all be a little more patient too and try enjoy the game for what it is, that would definitely help.


One more… i wonder if using trello or something similar for an ideas board/roadmap would work. Heres a good example of a company using it well.


IKR. The mental gymnastics that others use to justify why XYZ change was bad is amazing around here.

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He didn’t say that Jivita had quit - He just said Jivita did not seem to like it.

Read it as you will but as he posts videos every day, I think we all know he did not quit :stuck_out_tongue:


OSRS does polls in game. They send announcements to all players that there is a new poll. Small voting booth machines temporarily appear in all bank buildings and the main General Exchange. You run up to it, read through all of the poll questions and vote yes or no on each change or feature.

This way more players participate in the polls…not just a few people on the forums.


Craftable voting booths is a great idea. Feedback channel in game is great… and Id definitely add one in the hope more people would visit me.

Craftable voting booths could be a good way of getting feedback from the demographic the devs want it from. If they want to make a change that’ll only effect players at end game, make crafting the booth require a gem. If they’re looking for early game feedback make it out of sticks and dirt.
Maybe that system would be too complicated but the idea of voting booths in general sounds like a cool idea.