Big Tool Chart (Including Rift, Blink, Dark-matter and Oort-stone tools)

A video showcasing the designs of the unreleased hammers.

In order of appearance:
Oort-stone Balanced Hammer
Blink Swift Hammer
Dark-matter Seismic Hammer
Rift Eccentric Hammer

The Chart

I have created a chart for all Hammers, Shovels and Axes currently in the game as well as a few upcoming ones. This data was gathered by right clicking the tools in the inventory (hard work, I know!!) and therefore is completely accurate.

Also: The Seismic attribute found on Dark-matter tools means that a 3x3 area is mined each time a block is broken, much like Emerald but with an extra 4 blocks mined.


Very minor quibble…good word eh…freeze the top row (select it then View > freeze > 1 row), that way when we scroll down we can still see the headers :slight_smile:

Otherwise, damned nice work :slight_smile:

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Good Work!

The Power and Mastery values don’t modify the right click tooltips.
I checked on different characters with different skill progress and the tooltips are the same for all of them.

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Huh… I’ll remove that bit then, thanks @Kirinvar :grinning:

Good suggestion! Thanks. @Jyanin

Wow those look freaking epic epic. :heart_eyes: That’s right!!! Double EPICS!!!


:neutral_face: I didn’t realise players could see these for themselves already! Pleeeease bear in mind that the visuals for special material tools/weapons are not finished yet and some may/probably WILL change drastically between how they currently look and when we actually introduce special materials to the game properly. Especially Blink, as I’m really not satisfied with that one yet.


He mentions them being unreleased so I’m assuming there was some leaking involved. @ben?!


I think its in-game info. When you have relevant crafting skills you can see even unreleased items when browsing any machine’s list of recipes. You can then right-click on an item and read its stats.

I am told that one can access some unreleased items using the World Builder, so it’s more like just an unintentional leak on our part.


The introduction of console commands and world builder made seeing these very easy :joy:

that was my first thought


There’s a lot of stuff in the game that’s not accessible, but are in world builder, like all the refined and decorative woods, they are looking good! @jesshyland

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Eep those should be disabled in the worldbuilder! (Console commands) I’ll have to add a migration to ensure prefabs don’t have restricted blocks added to them now :wink:


XD well it was fun whilst it lasted :grin:


Too late, i already tested everything you wanted to hide from us :smiley: And i love it


Same xD @Karokendo

@willcrutchley i think bomb throwing sound will be a meme. It’s… creepy and terryfing xD

Oh, what’s the give thing for bombs? @Karokendo, couldn’t figure it out