Art: Prefabs + Natural Props Concept

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Looking to concept to make the world more interesting with prefabs and environmental meshes.

Full view is recommended!

To be continued.

Please add busted planets
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Weekly Dev Update: 2016 October 7th - Live Worlds, Next Steps and more!

Well, I will for sure have a pond devoted to number 18 in any of my builds, that much is for sure.


Wow. These just blow me away. Number 9 in particular feels really cohesive to me.


I am… speechless.


All of them!


Words can’t describe how beautiful these are :open_mouth:
But numbers can; 11/10


Very nice things, thinking of building a nice garden. :slight_smile:

Love the night pictures with shiny flowers, the ice landscape and…and…all.


yes yes and yes!


Amazing! The Biomes will look way more alive with them.


all amazing, but 1 & 4 Best


so much yes in this post! although 3, 8, 9, and 18 are my favs tho 9 most of all that world looks creepy!


I can’t even be asked to choose between these, they are all so beautiful and amazing, some of them even to the point of jaw-dropping expressions


i keep comming back to this post and looking at the photos i hope to see all of these make it into game and more!


:nyhappy: :boundless: :shard:



@Minyi are you going to keep all/some of the current tree leaves and trunk textures and expand them? Right now it seems like some look a bit ugly and not that varied. Would also like to see 1 or 2 more different grass types.


bio luminescent plants all the way! :smiley:


These look excellent! I particularly like the look of the mushrooms in 20!


Is there any chance we got to build some props later on, or a editor in the worldbuilder?


I love the extra tree foliage and water plant ideas! Will add all of this to the archive.


Yes bioluminescent plants, animals, fish, ALL THE THINGS need to glow :smiley: