Art: Prefabs + Natural Props Concept

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Amazing ideas for prefabs and natural props! all of them!


Another vote for bio luminescent nature and wildlife. I would love to decorate with it.


Leaves, grass and trunk blocks doesn’t fall exactly into prefabs/natural props, which I’m focusing on right now, so I’m not entirely sure yet if we’ll be including variations on that yet. I’m hoping to have more variants too on them.


Cant wait! Great job like always guys


Yes!! Amazing, all of them!

These really add “flavour” to the surroundings.

Brilliant, nice job guys!


Great! All of them. If you should add those, make sure the plants have a minor geometric appeal to them (not too organic) in order that those fit to the voxel graphic engine.
My fave also is 18.


awesome work,love number 18 :heart_eyes:


19 is kewl!


Some of these didn’t make it to live. What does this meaaaaan? We need MOOORE :joy:.


OMG YES OMG YES OMG YES YES YES PLEASE !!! I want those looks fantastic !!!

And still not in game :frowning: