Art: Large and Small Worm!

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wow, these are amazing!


Am I the only one having Tremors flashbacks and looking to spend iron to barricade their homes with underground iron walls?


Yeah I love these!


I see this is quite a few months old but is this still in the realm of possibility? This would just be really awesome, as asked above will they break blocks and maybe be passive? This would be awesome to follow one that’s burrowing and collect the materials it displaces to move. Like " AWE YEA! I GOT SOME RUBIES! OH NO, LAVA IS POURING IN"


can we tame them and use as a bus?


Updates on things like this would be welcome and AWESOME!


Necro’d earlier, I know… but while it’s up here I wanted to share my two cents.

Firstly, I’d love to see more artists and dev updates of this sort. It’s a huge shot in the arm during the long dry spells.

Seriously. I love the colors and design… and the direction you all have chosen for this game and the art. Truly. All you of you devs and artists have a lot to be proud of…


make them creap around in tunnels also :smiley:


I have to agree with you, the style approach to the art work in the game and the dev concept art is just breath taking.


Hey, @Minyi, do you think that the burrowing animal would have those protrusions, or would they have some sort of retractable spine to allow them to anchor themselves and increase motility? Also, would they actively create tunnels, removing blocks in their path? How would this work for people who have underground bases? Would they be impeded by the claimed areas and have to go around?


and can we saddle them please :smile:


He will saddle you first me thinks.


I’m sure that the idea of tamable creatures would be in the far future. I’m just trying to gain understanding and breathe life into the critters. Besides, to mount it, I would assume you would have to have a kinship with the beast, and it would have to have a base intelligence to facilitate some understanding between you two. If it were feral, I doubt that it would allow you to be anything more than a snack.


yes we need to test these before launch but discussing it some more will help devs to create them in our liking
an issue that i see is that the trigger for these mobs is allready use for meteors
so if it just pop up when groups walk around its same principal as meteor
maybe adding some lore items to fight them would be nice addition

by lore i mean stuff that triggers them food they like our something


Like a grand Oortian Worm Horn that you blow to summon them.


I think we had discussed that the protrusions do retract to allow for more streamline shape to burrow through the ground, and perhaps come out when they partially resurface, to stick them into their place underground so they don’t easily get uprooted, and also cause damage when they swing themselves to attack the player. All such would need to be shown through the animation.

For the latter questions on how they affect blocks, is a game design question.


I think it’s funny that the “small worm” is usually bigger than the player.


These would look AMAZING to have in :boundless: !!! Also what kind of loot would they drop??