Art: Large and Small Worm!

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Did you see they are making a tv series based on the movies and Kevin Bacon is going to be in it, just like the movies haha?


I liked that movie


Well i know ill be watching it even though itll be so cornie probably haha


The first and second ones were good. But after those…


These worms look pretty awesome. I can’t wait.


This creature isn’t even confirmed. It’s 2 year old concept art of a creature we might not even get.

It would be nice to see some actual big creatures like worms though. Something with a lot more “wow” factor to it.


Would be nice to get an update on the “concepts” that have been thrown our way to vote on like character concepts, and storage. Also updates to new creatures like hunters, and worms, titans. Any road maps updates. So far these things were mentioned to us and the dev’s got one giant unanimous answer, “YES Please”.


Zero point on voting on any of it. Just give us all of it. :slight_smile:


Is this giant worm coming out soon???


Probably not. The concept art is 2 years old too. It might or might not be what’s next after Hunter.



Yea anything requiring AI i would assume will be on the roadmap for sure. But surprises are also a good thing imo :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I love these I want graboids. Boundless Tremors coming to a theater near you.