Art: Container 1.0

Hi guys,
here the container that are going to available in our next texture release.
We could still iterate on the animations sets according to our game design.
As always stay tuned and see you in game. :star2:


Looks awesome, are you going to see the animation and then a menu will pop?

This looks really good :slight_smile:

And this time it is visible where the center piece goes.

I love the little shake :+1:


Here’s the full process:


the gifs are not playing :confused:

because those are .png


that. explains alot.


Awesome :smiley:

Does it have a closing animation too? As that seems to be lacking in the gif :slight_smile:

It would be neat to have player placed chests that launch a menu for storing stuff, and some randomly spawned chests for ruins and other monuments that would be the lootable style- with some actually inside them (borderlands style)

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Like the compact opening of this so there is less overlap with walls and stuff.


Awesome! GJ.

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Very nice! When is the next update going 2 be?

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I’m enjoying seeing the ieteration process be kept up-to-date, it’s interesting to watch :slight_smile:

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They talked about doing it Wednesday, so long as there are no delays.

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Ok, thanx!

So when is the container going to be released now? I want to store my items :sob:


Maybe if the top segment that opened up slotted back? Like if you were opening it it would be lift and push from the perspective of the gif. I don’t know how to describe engineering stuff :confused:

I love the animation and the concept art for the containers. I can’t wait to see them ingame…