Art: Crucible


Can’t unsee! :dizzy_face:


I love this
I asume that this is how we’re going to smelt metals / make alloys


100% agree. this one is best.

…and hi everyone, btw ;D


Welcome back, Penmaster DarkRepulsor!


Nice concept, grill party on a titan


Hi sikerow,
i think i have a favourite but i want to hear what the forum has say without influence you :slight_smile:


Hi Zouls,
as usual, @ben and @olliepurkiss are the best person to answer any design specific question.
The general idea is to use the brazier (base) as decorative piece but is necessary to use the crucible (top) that is going to help you in your crafting. Any more details is in their secret Boundless glyphed book, hidden in an secret room in the office. :smiley:


Not for long…


i would like to see a furnace like in rust also this is cool and i can’t say wich i like more they are all awsome


Nice detail sure to spice up homes. It be cool if u added a purpose besides looks for it.


The brazier can be used for aesthetics. We have yet to hear details on what the crucible is for but I’m guessing it’s going to be something that justifies the name “crucible”.