Art: Crucible

Hi guys,
a quick update on some concept I’m working on at the moment.
This is the Crucible and is made by two different parts: Brazier (base) and Crucible (Top)
The Brazier can be used on his own as decoration. Feel free to use it as comfortable fireplace, lamp or grill :stuck_out_tongue:
As always, let us know which one are your favourite <3



10 12b seem awesome!
First! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I really like the one with the blue flame, but it seems kinda weird that the flame turns orange/yellow when putting a crucible on top?

I dont have much others which are favorable. they all looks decent to me but nothing that makes me go WOW

I am quite sure that the flame is still blue though whatever the crucible contains seems to be rather hot and therefore glowing orange right now.

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Is this for like… Brewing?

wow, super hard to decide this time. Really like them nearly all.
Think the color combination of brown with the fire is a little better.

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im in love wiht the 10 11 12

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Awesome looking concepts :blush:. My favorites are 5, 7, and 13. The variants of 12 are interesting as well.

Just added them to the devlog collection :grinning:

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Absolutely love all of them!
But I think that 10, 11 or 12 would be really hard to fit into your average build.
Making 10,11 or 12 with the grey colour scheme of the other concepts would make the imo best solution:

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@claudiotolomei well what is your favorite then. like we say but nne of the devs actully say

I prefer the more simplistic designs if I am going to use them for decorating or (I assume) lighting. In my opinion, decor blocks should not be so flashy that they draw attention away from the rest of my builds. Decor should compliment architecture, not outshine it.

Having the flame temperature drop at the top (and tend toward red rather than blue) when it’s far away from the center of combustion and losing heat to a vessel isn’t that odd from a physics/chemistry standpoint (at least as I remember it from a quarter-century in the past).

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Something about the design on row 2 screams “hourglass” to me. Which I really love about it. It’s as if the crucible has an opening on the bottom that would allow the molten metal to flow down to wherever the container or mold should be.

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Just to get this straight. Is this crafting related? or only a prop?

If the name is any indication, it’s used to melt metals and other materials, probably as ingredients for weapons/armor/blocks.


I’m assuming it’s for decoration and maybe cooking…

… as well as what @nevir just said!

Edit: Oh, and I can’t decide which ones I like best :frowning:

number 5 & 12 best, but rest is nice too

I love this one…the designs at the bottom are really cool


Am I the only one who always reads those 1’s as A’s?