Art: Dangerous Creatures - Concept (hunter and ranger)

Hi guys,
i didn’t forget about you and i’m going to share some of the recent concepts i’m working on.
You can see some of the Hunter type and a reviewed sketch for the ranger.
As always, comments and preferences are welcome. Thank you guys.


Pouncer #1 or #2 for me…can’t quite decide between the Hunter renderings just yet.

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basic melee:

  • 3 is really cool. It looks like something I wouldn’t want to meet at night.
  • 1 looks like he’s just walking on a sunny day, chewing some gum and enjoying life xD
  • 2 looks like the tiger from Ice Age^^
  • 8 looks like a little (knee high) creature that could jump your face, but be only a threat in groups.

I’m not sure about these. Maybe a red (lava like) theme would fit them better. But that might just be me^^
Anyway, what is that equation? Just some messing around or some first hints of a taming/breeding system? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I like 3 for melee and 8 for pouncer.

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is the last one meant to demonstrate cross breeding?.

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Basic Melee: 1 & 5

Pouncer: 1 & 4

And also loving all of those ranger revisions! Keep up the great work!

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Basic Melee - 1 and 3
Pouncer - 1 and 2

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thumps up for the ranger artwork x3

now for the hunter:

Basic Melee:
My Favorite is 5, it has a big cat look like nr.1 which i like but is more unique and it looks the most terryfying which a hunter should look like :smiley:

cant decide between 6 and 7 here, ar first i must admit i don’t like any of these a lot, 6 and 7 are just ok if you ask me, i like the compact style of 6 and the strong front body style of 7, you know something worth the name pouncer :smiley:

For Basic I like #3 & #5
For pouncer I really REALLY like #5
and #4 is OK too

My faves:

Melee Hunter °3
Pouncer Hunter °2

The result of this plasma-gut, spitting (?) creature is really cool.
All in all incredibly stylish drawings :blush:

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They all look great! :lester:


For Basic Melee: 4 & 6 Because of their big body small head proportion :smile: they look like they can tear your limbs up!

Pouncer: 2 & 4 since they look like they’re made to run.

Can’t wait to see more :smiley:


I really like 2,4,5 in the hunter section, the pouncers i dont really favor one since they are not my style. and the ranger i really like most of them, i just personally find the ones with the boxes sticking out a bit ugly :confused:

I like the tail on pouncer #5. It looks as though it could steer the pouncer through the air.

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I really like the number 5 melee, it looks like something that wou,d maul someone in a dark forest.

number six looks like some preary animal which is cool too though i think it would look better in groups of 2 - 4

As i am unsure what the pouncer is supposed to do i have a hard time deciding for an artwork though.

Are we getting bothe the smasher and the shooter later on? Because as much as i like these the smasher is to awesome to leave be.

Yeah i think a more red/fire like theme would fit those better

Yeah number 8 would deffinetly be awesome as a pack.

melee 4 or 6
pouncer 1

and please dont cross this 2 ranger XD

i love the ranger unit who hit the bottom and creates a shockwave for attack, its still something other. not only still a boring shootintg unit.

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basic hunter - #6 - I love the horns and hug teeth!

Pouncer - # 3 All those teeth, he better not land on u!!

I like the spitter too…he looks like a really pissed off ardvark!

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Hi Saint_X,
don’t worry the shockwave ranger was there only as reference for angular shapes and legs. We still planning to explore that unit in the future :slight_smile:


good to hear that the unit remains ^^
to see every time the same units in the game will be annoying ^^ and this unit is a great idea ^^