Art:First look at The Lance

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Be more responsible guys. You just hyped me up and now its too late to stop myself.

Hype responsibly :joy:


LOL! My bad. I was looking at the last post made. Well, maybe devs will take a look and see that some people are still interested :sunglasses:.


But what if we want to grapple a cuttletrunk and skull bash him? This doesn’t help us any :joy:


I would not mind seeing these lances as two-handed melee weapons and then a mace/sword or something as one-handed for variety in melee weapon specs and some grapple/skullbashing action :mage:. I guess we DO have hammers and axes hah


Yea I use hammers as weapons. :sweat_smile:


The lance is cool, but that mini map, i want it so bad.


If you have an alternate monitor and use PC you can use this and download the desktop client:


Ps4 how dare you lol T_T its that icing on the cake, its missing.