Art:First look at The Lance

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Be more responsible guys. You just hyped me up and now its too late to stop myself.

Hype responsibly :joy:


LOL! My bad. I was looking at the last post made. Well, maybe devs will take a look and see that some people are still interested :sunglasses:.


But what if we want to grapple a cuttletrunk and skull bash him? This doesn’t help us any :joy:


I would not mind seeing these lances as two-handed melee weapons and then a mace/sword or something as one-handed for variety in melee weapon specs and some grapple/skullbashing action :mage:. I guess we DO have hammers and axes hah


Yea I use hammers as weapons. :sweat_smile:


The lance is cool, but that mini map, i want it so bad.


If you have an alternate monitor and use PC you can use this and download the desktop client:


Ps4 how dare you lol T_T its that icing on the cake, its missing.


it works very well on smartphone (android) so even if you are on ps4 you can use it


I’ve been experiencing some burnout but this is making me want to play again!!!

Looks awesome!


I don’t mean to rain on your parade but this post is around 4 years old and we still don’t have any lances in game so I wouldn’t actually expect to ever get it in reality


Oh man, u just murdered me



Sorry, talk to @james


All good
That’s the second time I have done this

Memo to self - check the date!!!


I actually saw Lance yesterday he was mining. For coal


I was going to say that as well :slight_smile: I’m guessing it might have been part of EA considering how old the OP is.

I would gladly welcome spears, Javelins, swords, and two handed axes into the game. As it stands I doubt we will get them, but I do use my forged axe to kill mobs from time to time so I guess melee is only as dead as we make it. Although lack of counter to elemental damages does seem to put a hamper on it (at least I think the tools don’t counter since my attacks seem to be resisted even though they are the “counter” gem to the type of enemy but I could have just been looking at the chart wrong too).

My next “melee” weapon I plan to make is a forged Wayfarer’s totem, still working out the kinks (plus I was waiting until they fixed the flexibility which I believe the last patch did so time to fire up the forge :sunglasses:)