Art:First look at The Lance

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If it’s a sort spear, it could be used (with a shield, if not is just a loose on distance) over the shoulder, usually aiming for the head, or holes in the oponent defense

Just that, i do medieval martial arts, kendo, Iado, softcombat, and a lot of other things XD so i know about the weapon uses XD


Positioning and such is more like usage of a Spear than a Lance.

A lance would be held lower and with both hands.

As such I would expect a lance to be coming from the lower edge of the screen pointing to the middle and angled from one side.

More akin to the mark added in attached.


and in the picture its look like he will throw it


After a quick search, nothing has been said by the devs (so it seems anyho) about the lance since this post - can we get a dev response: is the lance coming or not?

I am really disappointed in the lack of weapon options, two is really quite paltry, and no melee? What kind of game has no melee… we need the lance. My tank archetype needs this badly, and I can’t imagine its that hard to implement?


Last thing I remember was this:


The lance mastery on testing is removed with the new skill system.


It is improbable that the Lance will make it to 1.0


and then there was this big party… :wink:


This realization has me a bit sad. :frowning:


I’ll just leave this here. But looks like we won’t be getting it soon


considering there is only the one model/texture ^


Wouldn’t mind a spoiler on when they plan to add this in. Would love to have a melee weapon, and maybe a shield to fight up close.


That is not a throw position. That’s the end of a heavy thrust motion.


I thought I remembered it was finally canceled due to issues mapping it in combat, and where they wanted to go in the skill progressions. That it didn’t fit anymore. I totally could be wrong. Either we need a dev to confirm it.


I don’t believe the lance is canceled, just moved to a post 1.0 combat update.