Art:First look at The Spanner

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Hello again,

I thought I’d share some screens of the spanner I’m working on.
Similar to the lance I made a placeholder model to get a feel for it’s animation and functionality.Setting the assets up like this means we can easily iterate and replace with the final model later on.

The spanner will be used to tinker with the machines so it’s an important addition to your arsenal.
Enjoy! :gift: :christmas_tree:


Sweet! I can’t wait to start tinkering.

I do hope that the animation is more than just banging the spanner against machines (team fortress style), though :slight_smile:


Light torch base?
also it seams like copper will be the next best material after stone ^^


Whilst @ben is away on holiday it’s good to see that he passed on his most important responsibilities… good work @jsouthworth.


That’s an ugly little spanner. Good thing it’s just placeholder. Cool to see you guys moving so quickly in the tools and modeling department. Finally feels like y’all are developing quickly now!

Nice, is copper and durability thing?

A new tool! :smiley: nice. I like to tinker, since I’m sort of tinker for real :stuck_out_tongue:

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looks kinda cool should also have those blue lines as some stuff have just to give it hat little extra

Why do you have a 99 light torch base?

Are we get dark torch base, or heavy torch base?

Are we get light torch top?


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Also is it stick with fire on it, or hand-held electric light wand?
:flashlight: :fire:

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