Art: Machine concepts (refinery)

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Still at work and slaving away to machines. Ladies and gentlemen - the refinery! Without the SFX

*Edit: added extra row with gemstones since the initial designs weren’t readable.


“Boooooo” :microphone:


What can it refine?

Rumour has it “copper”. :dizzy_face:

I think it depends on how you define “refine” but I think none of these looks really like something that refines.
Most of them look like grindstones and mills. But if grinding stuff is also refining (which it is somehow) then ok^^

Nonetheless, they might not look like refineries to me but they still look awesome. Although I like the ones with the round grindstone more.

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Well i have been rather silent lately. All of these concepts are pretty cool, but i really wish there was some gameplay info, or mechanics or something, art is nice, but it doesnt tell too much concrete :confused:


Leeks, damnit!

Wow, these are all great!

I’m a fan of the ones that are a bit less cube-y (we’ll have plenty of other cubes in the game). It might be good to think about having a distinctive silhouette per machine? All these certainly allow for it!

My favs: 1, 4, 5, 7, 8

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I also think that this concept rather looks like a grinder than a refinery, but as the devs already said plenty of times: They don´t aim for high realism in B< :smile:
I´d like to see a roll crusher like this more as a refinery:

Are these machines just filling the roles similar to those in minecraft, like crafting bench, furnace etc? Or will we have higher levels of complexity? Some level of automation would be very cool as well- It would offset the annoyance of having to process a lot of material through many steps.
Ps. I love all of these concepts. They all look pretty cool!


Well, with this it’s not about realism it’s about do you get what it does from looking at it? If it does something completely different than what you anticipated it’s not good designed.

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I assume you put a weapon on the spinning wheel and the weapon is sharpened right?

Is that how it works, or am I completely seeing it wrong?:open_mouth:

But I love 4 and 8 the most!

They all look great - I’m more drawn to 7 and 5 for some reason, maybe just the horizontal grinding aspect, not sure!

I love 2 and 3

I also love 7 and 8 not as refineries, but as grindstones :smiley: .

BOOO. Aren’t you supposed to be on holiday??

To answer the questions here on how this machine works - I was imagining a buffing wheel machine.


I would have to go with 5 as my fav.

I think all in-game sound effects should be @Minyi just making sounds into a mic.


Also, comic-book style sound effect visualizations!


omg number 5 and 9 is sooo hot

For me also looks much like a grindstone. Is it to sharpen weapons, shape stones oder build armor?

I stick to his message. At least some ideas about what it could do, would be nice. Because yet it’s hard to imagine what it does.