Art: Ground Basher (Tier 3)

Hey guys,
here the new mesh for the Ground Basher Tier 3 that we are currently importing in game.
You could find any information about the creature here Ground Basher

Model and Tinting test

Idle and Smash

(I exported the mesh for @AndyD to test it in game and is impressive :scream:. Is coming!!)


Really cool model and animation, can’t wait to take one of those down :wink:

But I think its belly could use more details, especially if it is exposed that heavily (I guess it’s its weak spot?)


Yes it is. There is still a proposal to have some kind of weak spot marks on his belly.
I’d keep it clear it for now and is work nicely with that current speed. If the “charging” animation sequence before the smash is getting longer for reveal his “weak spot” we could easily add those vulnerable points.

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lovely work,not sure if i should look forward to seeing it ingame when its ready or running away :grin:

I’d definitely like to see that happen, as the area currently looks quite “empty” imo.

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As long as it is not the Zelda approach I’m also in favor of weak spot marks^^

Zelda approach would be: Big glowing thing (also only glowing thing), must shoot because weakspot.

Its comming alone really well awesome

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nobody said Harambe yet.

because the meme is even deader than harambe himself^^


dumbest memes die fast.


Harambe loved ground bashing :sob:


Hey guys,

Sorry to put a bee in your bonnet so late in the development process…

I just feel like this creature should look alot more intimidating/muscular.
It currently looks like a teddybear with crystal shoes :stuck_out_tongue:

Not talking about changing the complete look and feel of the Basher,
just the arms and legs to give it less of a “rubber banana” look.

I love all your creatures, they have great attention to detail, this one just seems off a bit.

Keep up the good work though, exited to see the final product!

Seraph :shard:

Teddy bear just wanting a hug


The Ground Basher has the appeal of a sculpture to me. In its idle stance (all 4 paws/feet touching ground without bashing), two of them could be guarding the left and right side of an entrance to a temple or titan. They could have the appeal of solid statues, and during the players approach open their eyes all of a sudden. And transgress from a solid form into the defend/attack behaviour.


What is that??

  • Concept :heavy_check_mark:
  • Model :heavy_check_mark:
  • Alive? :open_mouth:


Now that is cool! New merchandise line? :smile:

I did try sculpting the cat race head out my daughters playdoh, but failed miserably lol


Awww. You should share it :smiley:

Love the colours!

That printed model looks pretty awesome! Can’t wait to buy one hopefully :wink: Not sure what you are going for on the left but I will say that all of those models look AMAZING! Hopefully those are tiers of the Ground Basher with what looks like some possible gear that may and or may not be elemental? Either way I hope we get more updates and maybe some polls on the artwork and modelling!


I like the monkey, under the left screen, when do we see it in game?