Art: Guild Buff Machine


I feel like there is a lot of worry about this. Although if they emit the buffs as it says here, to me that sounds localized.

If this is put in a guild area and just makes that area safer to play in and build in , then it wouldnt be broken and would be a nice enhancement.


i like 6, with its sparks


My thoughts too.


Looks like ill be building a tardis after all…


I’m just curious if this is like the other concepts? Will this actually be in game or be put in the big book of awesome stuff we won’t see for awhile?


It’s pretty… so big book.

@Minyi can we get a small leak… would it be possible for a 1 man guild to get these :stuck_out_tongue:


Last mmo I played was D&D online. I hope they don’t make these so hard to get that only the most elite guild on the server can get most of them.


This will be part of the guild update I assume


Emission is not = to localized.

The range of the “Guild buff machine” as a transmitter is unknown. We have short range transmitters like Wifi routers, Longer range transmitters like Radio Towers, and even stronger antennas that can transmit data to spacecraft.

This would be fine, But what I am concerned about is how it is mentioned here

Which if that means something along the lines of; if someone in the guild is able to do X Y and Z, then everyone in that guild will get a 25% bonus to damage. That in my book is to strong and will cause people to join guilds for what I think is the wrong reason.

Here is my original statement about the situation


Some of the things she’s posted have made it in - others haven’t. That’s the whole purpose of concept work though; a rough draft of something for consideration.

Either way, I love @Minyi’s artwork, so the more the merrier.


I love the work sorry lol wasn’t complaining I just get my hopes up for the awesome stuff


These look sick @Minyi! Super excited for the guild buff mechanics.


Wonderful! Are they only one block wide? Seems like the kind of thing that should be more grand, at least a 2x2 base!



They would probably all look very different depending which planet they are placed on due to lighting. I hope predominantly independent players can use them too even if it’s just for decoration :slightly_smiling_face:


I am considering setting up No Obligations Guild for people like me who solo due to circumstances/preference but want access to these. No requirements, just join and meet any requirements to get the buffs then go play your usual game. Hopefully there’s no minimum membership or huge resource requirement to get them going.

Edit: Not that I see an ask for preference but I like 4 the best :slight_smile:


Sweeeet and again you show off your Art Skills :).

I’d like a Experience Buff for our Machine Rooms xD


Hmm true technically. Just seems an odd choice of words if the intention was to have them enable the buff for all players everywhere.

To me emit sounds more localized

Would be cool if it was localized to the guild settlement .:slight_smile: has my vote!


If the buff was limited to the guild beacon then does it not really limit the buffs that are useful? What good would a buff that increased humting skills or raised luck do in a beaconed area? Si e the area is beaco Ed no mobs spawn and unless you are plotting pig resources, no increased drops. I think since your buffs will be limited to your primary guild, they will probably work throughout the universe. If you could get different buffs from different guilds the theeffect mught be more localized to a planet or something.


I like 1,3&7 the best


So many things left unanswered. Do you have to be in range of the machine to get the buff. Does it override your current pie buffs you may have. Do you feed it things like pies and everybody gets a buff from it no matter where in the universe you are.