Art: Guild Buff Machine


Hello folks!

It’s been a while since the last concept art post. As some might know from the recent road map, currently the team is working on the new guild stuff.

This proposed idea is for there to be a new machine for guilds that would emit buffs for the members. The machine will ideally resemble a helix shape as the central blades spin around and twist. Fancy.

Roadmap: Guilds, Hunter, LED Blocks and more!
Roadmap: Guilds, Hunter, New Blocks and more!

!! Super fancy! Guilds are going to end up having some pretty fancy builds for utility machines like this :+1:

And I miss these posts; good to see em back:)

My favs: 3 & 7, I think


So that’s where I could stuff all my persisting pies instead of eating them.


stuff them into a turkey?

guild stuff! excited!


Sweet! Can’t wait to see this ingame.
Second one looks great.


Nice! I’m about to pull the trigger on a mass craft of pies too! Guess I’ll lock ‘em in the tickle trunk for now! Teaching and persisting.


Looks nice. I guess


This game just keeps getting better and better! Number 3 is my favorite.


@Minyi, where have you been all our lives? These look great. 4th and 8th are the most Oort-like in my opinion, though 2nd is a contender too!



Too fancy wheres hobo helix


Looking good! Needs whirr and thrummm sound words though! :smiley:

I like number 2 the best - similar to the power coil look!

Edit: Oops, wrote 3 instead of 2 :man_facepalming:


I like 3 and 7… Was wondering what the helix machine was :grin:


I hope we can also use these as decorations outside of guild stuff. They look awesome!


#2 is my personal favourite, with 4, 7 and 8 close behind, but they all look pretty cool imho…


They look great! But, they better come in Red. Red needs more love in the game. Just sayin’! lol



Seriously, they all look good. Allow them to have more models, or at least differ as coils do… or use similiar mechanics as in gelam doors etc.


They look nice, are we going to be able build them for decor aswell even if you are not in a guild? or are there going to be limitations of how we can place this item?

Also I am still concerned about the power that the buffs may or may not have. As I feel joining a guild should be about finding a group of like minded people who you respect, It should not just be about trying to find some random guild to join just so you can get the buffs that may or may not be to strong.


This is an instance where you should maybe allow the use of tint kits on the block. Guilds have individual personalities and color options help express that


Very nice!
I like 2’s design and colors best, but 3 is a close second.

Will there be an official poll later, or are you all just watching with a scratch pad making tally marks? ;]


Agreed. 3&7 FTW