Roadmap: Guilds, Hunter, LED Blocks and more!


Boundless Roadmap:

Boundless updates:

Here is an update to our active development roadmap. Make sure you checkout the first version for the full story:

We’re following a process where we’re alternating updates between Testing and Live every other week. The aim is to deliver a constant stream of quality, optimisations and features. Every week there should be something new to explore on Testing or play with on Live.

We often have many different sized features progressing in parallel. In these roadmap updates we want to make sure you’re aware of the most significant features. So we’re planning to keep it updated as items are released. We recently launched the new Body Paints in Release 207 so it’s time to refresh the coming items on the roadmap.

What’s in development?

Feature development can often take more time that you might expect so we have a few things going on in parallel. These items are in development NOW, so you should expect them to appear in the coming updates.

  • Guilds: The biggest feature currently in development is a new Guild system. The aim is to create a system for everyone and not just hardcore players. This includes a new set of controls for managing the guild’s privileges and factions. You’ll be able to align or control beacons directly from your guild. This will allow players to group together to form a guild and align it with their settlement. As the settlements change your settlement and guild with continue to maintain its identity. The collective endeavour of your guild is rewarded with a new set of buffs affecting everyone. Expect more guild details in the future once it takes more shape.

    Checkout the concept art for the Guild Buff Machines:

  • Winter Event: We have a Winter Event coming that will run for a couple of weeks up to New Year. The Halloween event was based on gathering and this event will be focused on fun combat. An event announcement will be live shortly so that everyone can count down the time to launch. The whole world will look a little different as the chilly weather rolls across the landscape.

  • Hunter: She’s coming. Prowling up on you. The Hunter’s AI is in development and she’ll be unlike any of the other creatures already in the game. Tap-tap-tap. Tap-tap-tap. Did I just hear a warp open?

  • Messaging: To support the guilds we’re also working on a significant messaging expansion. Players in a guild need a channel to communicate when they’re scattered across the known universe. You’ll also be able to maintain channels with individuals between worlds. The system will also support (if configured) messages reaching out of the game so that you can respond to messages when you’re outside of the game, desperate to get back in again.

  • LED Blocks: Like Gleam? Well you’re going to :heartpulse: LED blocks. Disco anyone?


Keep an eye out for announcement posts of features going to Testing. These features are already in development and coming soon.

What’s coming next?

There is a long list of features that are all jostling for attention. After the Guilds our next major feature will be a Boundless version of Farming. Don’t expect carrots and cabbages. We’re exploring ideas that bend farming into something that complements the Boundless universe and unlocks new sandbox options.

Our aim is to expand Boundless with new content and new systems for the full spectrum of Boundless players. We’re just as desperate as everyone else in the community to make progress with adventurous and experimental universal persistent sandbox features.

Of course, this is very much another step of our plans for Boundless. We’ve got plenty of features planned for the future, and your feedback will be invaluable as we continue active development of the game. We love talking with our players on the forums and social channels, so don’t be shy about championing the features you want to see in the future of Boundless.




Led blocks, that looks quite nice. I will be trying to make a 80s style disco floor with that.

I wonder if they will also have multi-colored LED blocks that cycle thru colors for an even better effect.


Yeah, I have a feeling those LED blocks are gonna be taking up a fair bit of room in our base. :heart: Haha.
Hopefully they’re not too difficult to make. crosses fingers




Looks like a rubik’s cube :grimacing:


Give me blinking topaz ledz!


“The whole world will look a little different as the chilly weather rolls across the landscape.”



I just feel like I’ve been handcuffed to the game for the foreseeable future. Lol, I can’t wait to see these ingame! :clap:


Looks like Neon Love v2 is on the way. :smiley:


But are they going to be actual blocks or meshes? That is the important question lol


Says Block, looks like block. It block. :slight_smile:


Vegas should be interesting in a couple months, lol.


Looks great! Super excited!


I hope rudimentary light switches are included…I don’t want blinking blocks.


loving everything in the road map but the buff Machine and LED blocks. would be nice to just get the guild system out asap and worry about fancy stuff later and the LED thing just sounds like seizure bombs waiting to happen


Frankly, the buff is probably the easiest part. Those basic mechanics are already in the game. Just a brew that doesn’t expire.

The guild and messaging mechanics have to be built from scratch


I suspect the LED blocks just let you change the colors of each little cell. That or they’re just on or off. They shouldn’t blink and flash. I just think it’ll let people make all kinds of cool art with smaller “pixels”


So what makes them “LED” blocks, specifically? Have the Citizens suddenly become able to dope semiconductors? Are we on our way to being able to implement diode-based logic?


He said they were like disco lights. So basically blinking


Awesome. Our devs continue to be awesome.