Roadmap: Guilds, Hunter, LED Blocks and more!


I hope theres several display options for the LEDs.
I wanna be able to have a smooth colour cycle, random colour changing (not flashing off, just changing randomly to the next colour -Less seizure-inducing), solid colours, light switched (wireless of course) and maybe a few other options I haven’t thought of.


hexcode led for gleam members? :stuck_out_tongue:


Do LED blocks… “blink” … get it? BLINK… ?

Seriously are we getting blink?


To get the blinking effect they will need electrodes attatched to eyes to trigger the eyelids opening and closing.

Spitter eyes for LED lights lol

As they are removed form boon 1 now, they have to be used somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:


Ohhhh! I really, really hope that is indeed true!!! There are 16 smaller ‘pixels’ on each side of those LED blocks, we could do so many nice things with it! Bigger signs for shops but not massive, but also small images! I want small images!


LEDs? Hmmm. The idea of an LED seems weird for a game like this that has kind of a fantastical vibe, but it could also be really cool. Dunno.


haha, can’t wait!


You mean your not going to like it when I push you thru a warp to my bon-jovi-light-show with flashing LED blocks for the floor, walls and ceiling?


Are there “fence” blocks planned as part of the farming update? Just wondering if I should start building fences or not. I’m really looking forward to farming!

Are there any more details that can be shared about the LED blocks?


can we get water source blocks at least by the time farming comes out


If it’s an LED, it can be turned off and on. If it can’t be turned off and on, it’s just some kind of passive gleam block. If it can be turned off and on, it’s going to need a controller and some logic. If it’s got logic, it can be Turing complete. If it’s Turing complete… I’m in.

Imagine what a town will look like with giant programmable changeable message signs flashing in the night. Shades of Blade Runner. Now all we need is origami Wildstock.


fence/pole/ladder assets are already in the game files… could be a scrapped project or delayed.

Also if we can control the blink speed… we could make walls that only show words while people are running.


Tis the season!


Yes! Need a very rainy planet.


Reminds me I would love to see Snow blocks. Good for the holiday event! Nice low-impact, non-slip blocks. In a colour everyone seems to want. Limited availability so perhaps a small prestige bump for an unprocessed natural block. Could appear in ice biomes or cover the worlds and annoy us all :slight_smile:


If boundless makes me shovel my sidewalk, I am uninstalling. That is all.


Ok so I won’t start building my fences quite yet.


Try beckon it rains pretty constantly


Would like to see more focus put into the dev ideas for building. Totem poles, pillars, having more “blocks” and items that help with building the way we want to is really big to me.


I’ve seen players use doors as fences. You could use those for the time being until they add them to the game.