Roadmap: Guilds, Hunter, LED Blocks and more!


Thank you!


Beckon is what you’re looking for…


My concern is if they blink all they time, what will that do to the servers. I already have lag with my storage. Imagine everyone with xmas houses.


Thank you too! :slight_smile:

I don’t reckon blinking needs to be universally synchronised so I’d guess it’s client side and so no lag.


@james let’s talk farming. I assume the material grown will be used for food. It would be great if each food item in each plant had a unique effect or attribute. This would allow the same block item have value based on location and encourage cross planet trade. They could be quirks too. Oortberries from Angel 1 cause a oortian to glow (sweet) but the color is bright pink. This is not a well thought out idea but was encouraged that there may be something to draw folks to planets the no longer visit. Regional distinction in food is a thing we all should understand.




I’m afraid that I will not be able to play Boundless for very long, if I look at the last and upcoming patches like that or the roadmap. Unless you have an absolute high end gaming PC, because I’ll never be able to afford it with my little pension. :frowning:


@Balkinus LED blocks don’t cost your computer more to draw than normal blocks. It has to draw 30 - 60 images per second anyway, this does not change the outcome at all.


This is a great idea


A. Will these fixtures need specific placement (ie: within x blocks of a beacon)?

B. How many blocks will the fixtures take up (ie: each fixture is 4 blocks x 4 blocks)?

C. Will they require a buffer zone around them like the machines do (ie: they take up 4x4 blocks and require 4 blocks for a buffer…therefore each fixture needs a 1x1 plot)?

D. Will they require a power source to be connected or fuel?

Thanks…can’t wait for all of the cool updates coming in the future!


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