Art: Machine concepts (workbench)

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omg number 2 looks so awesome

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Hi Guys i Like Number 5

This makes me think of machines being a larger system (like Ben said) where there are many parts and small machines that have well defined functions and players can be creative in how they arrange and connect the parts/machines to achieve a more complex task.

Exciting stuff.


Looks awesome! I love No. 2 & 8 the most. So are the workbenches are not a standalone part? Can they ONLY be used when attached to another machine/part?

They look like doing different tasks. Will there be several work benches for different tasks?
1,2,7 look like drilling work benches.
3,4,5,6 and 8 like a workbench to grip a piece and shape with a hammer.

If all do the same, i guess i like 5 most.

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Updated see original post

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Those 2 new versions are excellent! I want them both!

Like them too :slight_smile: So I guess my first intention was right?

I think the workbench is made up of 4 different blocks. This one is the main asset distinguishing it from other machines, whilst the other three blocks are generic parts to fit all machines.So technically, the workbench has multiple functions, but due to limited space, only one function can be visually designed into the main asset.


Oooooh! Spinny death machine :smiley:

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Yeah my thoughts exactly xD

The last two versions, most realistic.

I really dig the new ones.