Art: Machine concepts (workbench)

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Workbench explorations. The workbench IS connected to the machines but I think this makes sense as a separate part.

**Edit : New versions


These look great! I like number 1 the most out of those!


I like number 1 the least. If it’s a workbench, it should have room on it for working and number 1 has most of the space taken up by the machiney bits.

I don’t think you’re going to be standing in front of them to interact. It’s part of a bigger system

I guess it just comes down to what you’re working on ^^

Hmm, hard to judge then if they don’t follow the usual definition of a workbench. Excited for ben’s clarification post.

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Hmm… cool.

@ben :alarm_clock:


I like #6… though it depends if these are gonna be animated. It would be cool to have a workbench that moves into position when you get near to work.

I rather like 6 and 8

Fan of a lot of these:

#1: Interesting shape; curious what it does though, seems like it would be hard to get anything inside it due to the tall sides

#2: Really like this one. Lots of interesting parts to it (the segmented top, the base).

#3: Not sure about this one, the sides seem weird

#4: Simple and nice!

#5: Not a fan of the metal things on the sides

#6: Whatever this does, I want one

#7: This one feels a bit strange as all wood. Maybe make the top metal?

#8: Anvil? It’s neat regardless, and I like the style of the base

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Oh god. I’m already loving it^^ I love to build larger maybe even multi purpose machines. And it looks like it’s going in that direction.
I hope Bens post will make things more clear^^


Im going to assume each workbench is for a different mechanic

I like number 8 the most, followed by Nr 7 … But would be good to know how they work (at least some basics) to be sure what would fit best :wink:

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I like #2 most, probably because of the sectioned/carved wood and the extra screws for detail.

I don’t like #3 - it looks like a weird chair or booster seat.

Brutal honesty though - all of them look like a machine part but only #7 really seems workbench-ish. (since its a bit like a jigsaw) Not that its a bad thing, maybe theres just a better term for it than workbench :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed. All we can do is wait for some clarification.

Wow number 2 looks incredible!
The rest looks also quite interesting but doesn’t even get close to number 2.

2,5, and 7 are pretty neat. Oh and I just noticed the vice on 4. Nice touch :smile:

I like #1 and #3. The rest look very good though so it was kinda hard to come to that conclusion.

I want to brew my coffee in 8, make my scarf in 7, get soda from 5, park my machinery vehicle in 4, and wear number 2.:astonished::crown:

Please put all of them in game!

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